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Kitty's First Unboxing Video!

Guys, I did a thing! I did, I did! Granted, it’s no Strawberry Singh quality video but hey, it was fun to do and I’ll probably do some more!  66 more words

Second Life

Smurfgate - bad practice for virtual goods?

May 2011

When Madison, an 8 year old from Rockville, Maryland, purchased nearly £1,000 of Smurf-themed virtual currency in one month on an iPhone game without her mother’s permission, the mother loudly complained, galvanising Apple, legislators and the Federal Trade Commission. 687 more words


Extraordinary games businesses 4: Ankama

November 2009

In the latest in our series of profiles of fascinating, rule-changing games companies, we skip over La Manche to look at France’s largest independent developer, Ankama. 774 more words


Child's Play: the new online market for children's games

June 2008

In 2005 the BBC conducted a large scale, nationwide survey to learn more about British media consumption habits and attitudes. Unlike many similar research efforts, the survey encompassed children of 6 and upwards and included games amongst the media investigated. 793 more words


Fantage: Episode 1. The beginning

Hay, hay, hay! A year or so ago I was obsessed with virtual worlds u know like Club penguin, Animal jam, Moshi monsters. Actually, when I was 8 and 9 I spent every spare moment on Moshi monsters, I collected the magazines and those mini figures, but as the game grew petty I lost my interest. 194 more words

Home For The Holidays On Frosty Island

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but inside it’s so delightful! Cozy up next to the fire in your very own home on Frosty Island. Enjoy snow-covered terrain and the beautiful pink, purple and orange skies of this delightful island in… 302 more words