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I’m behind on my new Age exploration I need to post next for Elpis, so this is a filler post.

Now, I’ve done some digging around in forums on gathering other people’s thoughts. 2,407 more words

Virtual Worlds

Robin Loop, Hector

There’s some mainland property between Rubi Woods and a Robin Loop intersection in Hector that has been changing hands, or maybe builds, about once a year. 216 more words

Virtual Worlds

Great Show from Peek A Boo Burlesque #InWorldz

On Saturday evening I logged in to an IM from my friend Carol Caproni… the peek a boo show was about to begin! Without her I would miss them entirely. 77 more words


Locked in illumination...

Building: cinphul // Houard

Di’Cor Aaron’s Comfy Chair @ Fameshed

Di’Cor Aaron’s Coffee Table@ Fameshed

cinphul // moon curtains @ Cosmopolitan

cinphul // moon curtains ]@ Cosmopolitan… 53 more words

Virtual Worlds

Does VR make you feel sick?

How We’re Battling Virtual Reality’s Dreaded Simulator Sickness

Like many other eager early adopters, my first encounter with virtual reality headsets began with heart-pounding excitement, and ended in nightmarish nausea. 108 more words

Virtual Reality

FlickrFav: Anaconda

A new Flickr Favorite by ::.LaMorgh.::


August 31, 2015 at 07:11PM
Original: http://flic.kr/p/x7bhu2

Second Life

Virtual storytelling

Virtual theater opens new doors for performance artists

Storytelling is a valuable form of human expression that has been around since the very ancient times. Story itself is essential to so many art forms, and theater is one of them. 64 more words

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