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How to Live (almost) Free in Second Life (part 4)

Lavian&Co is one of my favorite SL shops for free group gifts. The group currently costs $L 699 to join, but that’s well worth the massive amount of free mesh clothes their group members can get. 289 more words

The Power of Virtual Beauty

One night last week I started to count favorite places in my mind before I fell asleep.

The first I thought of was the Botanical Gardens in Fort Brag, California. 172 more words

Sing Goodnight

“You spotted snakes, with double tongue, thorny hedgehogs, be not seen; Newts and blind-worms, do no wrong: Come not near our fairy queen.” 153 more words

Second Life

Second Life Nudity & Mesh Bodies

Why might you want to have your avatar be nude in Second Life?

Maybe you want to create artistic nude pictures like the one above? This picture was taken with special lighting by Morpheus, a SL friend with much better virtual world photography skills than mine. 566 more words

PURPLE FLIGHTER *Special One-Shot*


In the depths there be new things!  This time around there is only one photo lol.  I call this the special “one-shot” but it was so beautifully done.  311 more words