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As a Student Ambassador at Keuka College, I have become very familiar with giving tours of our beautiful campus. We have many prospective students visit our campus every year, but sometimes there are families that live far away that simply can’t make the trip just for an hour long tour. 234 more words


3D Forensic Animations + Visuals

Forensic Experts, Attorneys, Insurance Companies, and more benefit greatly from higher quality visuals in the courtroom.

FogNoggin provides recreations, scaled structures, architectural exhibits and more for precise, fact-driven visual exhibits that communicate the nature of the case more clearly and effectively than the traditional data or auditory means. 114 more words


3D Site Maps + Topography

Whether you are a home builder or developer, you know how important it is to show your potential clients an accurate portrayal of the home or property they are thinking about buying or leasing. 189 more words


How users' experience race affects development.

As a fierce gamer, I cannot help but notice a trend that most likely always have existed : the race toward an increased user experience. This is something that has been very noticeable in movies, video-games and video-games graphisms : all of them point toward an extremely realistic and impressive user experience. 295 more words


Serial port connection - virtual solution

Serial ports, being one of the most basic external connections to a computer, for a long time have been an integral part of computers. Nowadays however very few computers have serial ports, and many don’t have any. 446 more words


Let It Be

:: D-Style - Warner Coat :: Leather

[AB] MESH pants Erwan Dark Black

*BOND7* Acers (Suede: COMBO PACK)



Why is it that our lives are all about sharing? I am not talking about the conventional idea of sharing but about the virtual social life.It is ironic that our virtual selves seems more real than we actually are. 94 more words