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Report: Nintendo Switch Will Get GameCube Games

(Source: kotaku.com)

Nintendo will bring GameCube games including Super Smash Bros. Melee and Luigi’s Mansion to the Switch via Virtual Console, Eurogamer reports today… 145 more words


A New and Ancient Technology

At 5:55am an alert went off on my phone. That meant that at 6am there would be a Cavetime call (www.cavetime.org). This was a bunch of men from all over the United States that all got on the same call and for 30 minutes shared together and heard Jeff Voth share a word from Luke chapter 2. 193 more words


Calleja's Theory of Affective Involvement Part 1: Escapism

Macro Phase: Escapism and Affect

One reason for the intensely absorbing nature of digital game is the potential they have to affect players emotionally. Although other media also achieve this, an important difference with digital games is the way they place the player in a cybernetic feedback loop between human mind and machine. 2,433 more words

New toys.

Cam got a Samsung Gear 360 and a Samsung VR and while I think it’s a neat concept, it’s very difficult to use and obviously only compatible with Samsung. 75 more words


Square's 'Cash Virtual Card' Now Works With Apple Pay

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The move gives the Cash Virtual Card a physical presence, allowing users to spend their Square Cash anywhere Apple Pay is accepted. 185 more words


Best iPad App Today: Virtual Freddy : for Five Nights at Freddy’s

#iOS #App #Apple Best iPad App Today: Virtual Freddy : for Five Nights at Freddy s The animatronics you mistreated in your childhood, have found the way to take revenge by locking you in their hunted house for five nights. 37 more words

Becoming Humanoids

Today I came across with this in a renowned museum. Isn’t it weird? They literally put it there, so you wouldn’t be able to see the strokes, smell the acrylic and feel the art. 95 more words