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CentOS 7.2 VM hangs on startup

Host :  Windows 10
Guest : CentOS 7.2 64x
Tool : Oracle VirtualBox 5.2


For an unknown reason, your VM won’t startup and hangs on boot. 87 more words


OpenSynergy's virtualisation platform now supports ARMv8-A architecture

OpenSynergy’s COQOS SDK v9.0 virtualisation platform now supports ARMv8-A architectures.

The 64-bit bus width of the ARMv8-A processors makes it possible to meet the high performance requirements of the next generation automotive ECU’s such as cockpit controllers or driver assistance systems. 206 more words


VirtualBox Error

I couldn’t open my windows virtual machine in Virtualbox. Below is the error that I was getting.

Failed to open virtual machine located in C:/Users/Pravin/VirtualBox VMs/Windows 7/Windows 7.vbox. 117 more words


VCDX Preparation Advice

Yesterday I ran  face to face VCDX Mock sessions for three people defending their VCDX at the Dell EMC offices in Brentford. During the NDA permitting discussions a number of questions came up around the outlines of VCDX designs,advice for the design scenario, things to read/watch from others who attended who are looking to submit soon and I thought I would put out a quick posting around the advice given to hopefully aid people also looking to submit soon. 1,767 more words


Updated Hyper-V Clone from Disk Script

Back in 2015 I wrote a PowerShell script, which has a GUI, to create new Hyper-V VMs from existing VHD and VHDX files. The original blog post, “Poor man’s Hyper-V cloning from VHD/VHDX”, is available  177 more words


docker 101 - v1.0

docker is one of the most popular containerization platform which helps developers, operators, sysadmins to develop, build and distribute robust applications. This eliminates the classic ‘it-works-on-my-machine’ syndrome among developers (no offence intended!!).   617 more words


Massive shift to hybrid infrastructure services underway

The growth of cloud and industrialised services and the decline of traditional data centre outsourcing (DCO) indicate a massive shift toward hybrid infrastructure services, according to Gartner. 252 more words