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Hyper-V editions

I have not written anything for ages. Sincere apologies. I really love sharing the knowledge, however at work I’m really busy and the only some time available, I spend / invest it with the 3 women in my lives (my wife and 2 daughters). 237 more words


How to add new HDD to Xen Server Virtual Machine

To get the UUID of the local Storage Repository:
# xe sr-list name-label=”Local storage”     —> name of the local storage.
uuid ( RO)                : 1af072c3-28f1-104e-09cc-9e0728ac6ff1… 221 more words

You Have Reached The Maximum Number Of Virtual Disks Allowed For This Virtual Machine

Physical to Virtual – BSOD after Disk2VHD


In this post I’ll be letting you in on the fix for a very annoying issue I’ve been having with a BSOD after creating a VHD of a Server 2008 R2 Terminal Server. 150 more words


Physical to Virtual – the right way

During this major Hyper-V virtualization project at work right now, I found myself asking a lot, “What’s the best way to virtualize my physical machines?!” 726 more words


What is virtualisation in cloud computing?

Virtualization is separation of computing operations from physical infrastructure with the help of terminology known as Virtual Machine Monitor.

What is virtualisation?

In computing, virtualisation is act of creating virtual version of something, it can be computer hardware, operating system, storage device or computer network resources. 467 more words

Docker fails over with message "Failed to initialize machine "boot2docker-vm"



It turns out the issue wasn’t with the Docker, but with the VirtualBox. And to be more precise with the hardware acceleration being disabled in BIOS. 37 more words


Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.2 Migration

I recently performed a Cisco Prime Infrastructure migration from 2.1.2 to 2.2 so here’s my 2 cents on why you may need it and what issues I encountered. 812 more words