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vMotion fails at 67% on esxi 6 in vCenter 6.

Came across an interesting error the other night while on call, as I had a host in a cluster that VM’s could not vMotion off of either manually or through DRS.   1,133 more words


Install Cisco IOS XRv in GNS3

Software / Application:

  1. VirtualBox (https://www.virtualbox.org/)
  2. GNS3 (https://www.gns3.com/)

We also need Cisco IOS XRv Router image. For lab we use iosxrv-demo-6.0.0.vmdk which is free to use. 442 more words

vExpert applications for the 2017 program are now open!

I have been a proud member of the vExpert program for the last 3 years and I hope to prolong my membership for 2017. As a vExpert you get invites to special Webex meetings by VMware and 3rd parties, you’re entitled to swag at VMworld (always nice) and in general it is a recognition for all the free publicity you have been generating for VMware, virtualization, euc and cloud computing. 356 more words


A Broader View of Virtual Management

Managing a virtual environment is a lot like cleaning your car: No matter how many times you run the vacuum head over the carpet, the sand just bounces around among the fibers.In the IT world, virtual machines would be the sand and your data center infrastructure would be the carpet. 478 more words

日本事務器、クラウド型デスクトップ仮想化のラインアップ拡充 NEC Cloud DaaSベースのサービスを提供 [ #cloud ]

日本事務器株式会社(以下、NJC)は、クラウド型運用支援サービス「Ezharnessシリーズ」のメニューにおいて、クラウド型デスクトップ仮想化サービス「Ezharness DaaS Plus powered by NEC」を追加し、12月中旬より販売開始する。NECのDaaS「NEC Cloud DaaS」をベースに、NJCのサポートサービスをプラスして提供するという。



The Cloud - Software as a Service

In the early days of consumer-based computing, software was delivered on media. I still recall when MS-DOS was delivered on 6 3.5″ floppy disks ! In fact, I may still have them around somewhere… The software (as it was referred to – the computer itself was the hardware) would have version numbers like MS-DOS 6.22 If there was a minor patch available, you could get it for free, incrementing the number after the dot. 401 more words

Enterprise Architecture

Back to the Future: Converting a Server VM to Bare Metal

It might seem like stepping back in time, but sometimes you start something with a VM and the desire for resources and usage skyrockets and you need to transplant it onto a bare metal server.  1,672 more words

Open Source