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Restoring a Virtue-Based Ethics For The 21st Century: Part I

There are three main traditions in Western moral philosophy. Deontological ethics stresses the primacy of more or less inviolable rules such as “do not kill” or “do not lie” or “do not steal.” Consequentialism holds that behavior is evaluated to the extent that it leads to good consequences; good consequences variously described as pleasure, happiness, or preference satisfaction. 2,684 more words

Reasoning why

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In some lighter posts, I’ll come onto the severe weaknesses in Rand’s writing which I believe she cannot control, and which generated some of the fun that kept me sane during the harder going parts. 1,990 more words


Incomplete Virtue

In his essential book on virtue ethics, Daniel Russell advanced two arguments that I found highly novel and provocative.

The first is that the virtues are what he calls vague satis concepts, something… 961 more words


The Singular of Data

My friend Jeff told me a story in response to a comment I made. I had just mentioned the travails of kid sports, especially since I enrolled my kids in a hockey program which includes one third more ice time than last year’s program. 594 more words

Social Science

Get Thee To a Nunnery

On the descent into madness

The contest for the greatest play in the English language comes down to one of two Shakespeare plays: Hamlet and… 682 more words


Discussion on "OPTIMIZATION"? Anything to do with Virtue Ethics


Nassim Nicholas Taleb posted this August 8, 2015

A lot of the discussions we’ve had here can be framed with the difference between “satisficing” (an old Northumbrian word meaning “good enough”) and “optimizing” (meaning always try to do better).Clearly, as with everything we think both modern and relevant, this was present in the classics in the various discussions of… 349 more words


Jesus' Commentary on Aristotle

Aristotle’s comments on liberality in Book 4 Chapter 1 of the Nicomachean ethics are very similar to the teachings of our Lord on money.

Aristotle says that people who have less can give less and be just as liberal as those who have more and give more: Jesus commends the widow for the two mites she gives. 538 more words