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The Eye Of The Beholder

The study of moral philosophy is pretty much an unavoidable part of ones philosophical education and it is the area of philosophy that most people are familiar with. 1,995 more words


David Hume, the Skeptical Stoic

I have always been a philosophical fan of David Hume. His clear writing, commonsense approach to things, rejection of abstruse philosophizing, embracing of science, and constructive skepticism have been the sort of traits I have aspired to, however imperfectly (no, I assure you this ain’t false modesty), throughout my career. 1,229 more words

Virtue Ethics

What is the potential of business?

Few companies in the world today, especially in the apparel industry, have the same reputation that Patagonia has managed to create by being a socially, economically and environmentally driven company that cares not just about profit but also the environment and the people that are involved with the company. 3,139 more words


Reebok & Labor: CSR and Virtue Ethics

Does Reebok really stay true to “Creating a Positive Factory Environment”? 2,569 more words

Staying Virtuous: Faith's Negation of Agent-Centrism in Virtue Ethics

In the 16th century, a monk, mystic and thinker by the name of Saint John of the Cross penned his thoughts on what would now be considered the subject of Virtue Ethics. 2,903 more words


Soundcloud: Copywrong?

One could say that art and creativity are what fuel our progressive society today. Sure, there are people needed to maintain organization and structure, but without innovation we would be in the same place that we were in the 1400’s. 2,972 more words

Amoris Laetitia

Amoris Laetitia – what do you think? I have read the document quite quickly, taking extra care over particular sections. And I have read several initial commentaries. 604 more words

Moral Judgment