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Privilege - Lesson 3

It’s taken me a long time to get this post up, mostly because this lesson took several class periods to navigate.

Whenever I teach Intro to Ethics, I start with Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics and move into the feminist critique in the form of ethics of care. 75 more words


Reflections - Which Ethics?

Too Long Did Not Read: clarification of ethical school of thoughts

If you’ve ever taken an ethics class or read anything about Ethics then you must have run into the terms: ”Normative Ethics”, ”Utilitarianism/Consequentialism”, ”Virtue Ethics”, and/or ”Deontology”. 1,153 more words


A Prayer

How easy for me to live with you, O Lord!
How easy for me to believe in You!
When my mind parts in bewilderment
or falters, 117 more words

Virtue Ethics

Restoring a Virtue-Based Ethics for the 21st Century: Part III

Part I is here.

Part II is here.

Some Virtues and Vices

Even with all of our increased scientific knowledge and technology, doing a good job at living out the form of a human life is not easy for most of us: school is not easy, getting a good job is not easy, attracting the best mate you can is not easy, marriage is not easy, raising children is not easy.  2,110 more words

Responsiveness to Reasons

The ends do not justify the means. Getting the right results does not automatically make you a good person. Depending on what you did, and why, it might even make you a pretty bad one. 987 more words


Still waters run deep but shallow ones run everywhere

Months later, and I’m still stumped and astounded by pop star and virtue ethicist Nick Jonas’ (Nietzschean?) assertion of his “right to be hellish.”

Tell me more, Nicky.

Ancient vs modern ethics: a comparison

Ethics — as a branch of philosophy — means a very different thing today than it did once. And that, perhaps, is a mistake. There is an… 1,550 more words