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The Delphic Commandments

As part of my sabbatical devoted to writing How to Be a Stoic (the book, scheduled to be out for Basic Books in late April) I spent a few days in Greece with the primary intent of going after Epictetus. 430 more words

Virtue Ethics

Hursthouse on the Repentant Racist: Error, Evil, and Moral Luck

Some of you may have seen this material before, but I don’t think I’ve ever posted it at PoT, so I’m exhuming it in the interest of getting some comments on it, as I’d like to work on the paper a bit this summer, and am hoping to trundle it about at conferences this fall. 1,608 more words

Basic Stoicism: a handy vademecum

I have now studied and practiced Stoicism seriously for more than a year and a half. I still have a long way to go on both theory and praxis, but I have gradually accumulated a number of favorite Stoic reminders, as well as developed my own summaries of Stoic doctrine and list of concepts I find particularly useful. 866 more words

Virtue Ethics

The Eye Of The Beholder

The study of moral philosophy is pretty much an unavoidable part of ones philosophical education and it is the area of philosophy that most people are familiar with. 1,995 more words


David Hume, the Skeptical Stoic

I have always been a philosophical fan of David Hume. His clear writing, commonsense approach to things, rejection of abstruse philosophizing, embracing of science, and constructive skepticism have been the sort of traits I have aspired to, however imperfectly (no, I assure you this ain’t false modesty), throughout my career. 1,229 more words

Virtue Ethics

Boethius: the Consolation of Philosophy 25/04/2016

Imagine the following situation: you have worked diligently for the Ostrogoth King Theoderic as his Master of Offices, when some of your more corrupted colleagues feel threatened by your integrity and decide to conspire against you. 440 more words


What is the potential of business?

Few companies in the world today, especially in the apparel industry, have the same reputation that Patagonia has managed to create by being a socially, economically and environmentally driven company that cares not just about profit but also the environment and the people that are involved with the company. 3,139 more words