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Why Ethics?

Leah Libresco Sargeant on ethics:

Virtue ethics is a system of moral reasoning that is very focused on the changes that choices produce in the moral actor making them. 653 more words


'Reciprocity' As Organizing Principle For The Moral Instruction Of Young Women

I’ve often wondered how best to provide moral instruction to my daughter as she grows up, what principles and duties to keep front and center in the course of my conversations with her as she begins to grow into an age where her interactions with other human beings start to grow more complex. 623 more words


One of our best 2016 MBA theses on mindfulness and moral responsibility

Mindfulness, responsibility, ethical judgement and ethical intent : A virtue ethics perspective

By: Small, Cherise 2017

Source: http://hdl.handle.net/2263/59778


Proliferation of corporate scandals stands as a stark reminder that leaders can and will behave unethically. 265 more words

Articles On Campus

Anger begets Anger: Three Billboards and the Role of Film in Promoting Moral Reflection


I recently watched the thought-provoking film, ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’, a movie that invites the viewer to reflect on classic ‘Western’ themes of justice and redemption, through the eyes of its righteously angry main character, Mildred Hayes. 826 more words

Virtue Ethics

A Matter of Habit

As I understand it, virtue ethics is about acquiring certain character traits (courage, temperance, etc.).  These virtues are what determine your morality, whether you are a “good” or “right” sort of person.  412 more words

Commonplace Book Entries

Clockwork Corporations: A Character Theory of Corporate Punishment

The abstract and introduction below are from the paper published in the Iowa Law Review, Forthcoming; U Iowa Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2017-32.  … 1,826 more words

Virtue, Happiness, & The Meaning Of Life

Is Human Rights the Only Moral Language We Need?

The year-long campaign in the run up to the 70th anniversary of the passing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10th December 2018 was launched this January. 839 more words

Virtue Ethics