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Virtue, Narrative, and the Moral Identity

Virtue ethics and narrative ethics (or, more accurately, narrative approaches to ethics) have both made something of a comeback in modern moral philosophy, with many ethicists and moral philosophers claiming that virtue ethics simply make more sense in the modern than, say, ethical theories built on laws and duties. 708 more words


A new blog...

The purpose of this site is to bring some (increasingly well documented) discontents about professional philosophy into dialogue with some thoughts we have been developing about pedagogy and virtue ethics.

Professional Philosophy

Machine/Feminist/Existentialist/Virtue Ethics:

I send this email every semester, and every semester it gets a little more complex…

Hello everyone. What follows is a fairly long email filled links and thoughts on Machine Ethics, Virtue Ethics, Feminist Ethics, and Existentialist Ethics: 1,100 more words

Preliminary Thoughts on Civil Disobedience: Natural Rights Issues

In a previous post (“Where Do Rights Originate?” ) I examined the four traditional justifications for the law, finding unambiguous support for rights only in the warrant that recognizes them as morally and chronologically antecedent to the demands of order. 3,078 more words


Humility, as we all know, is a Christian virtue and one which we should try continually to develop. Even Jesus described himself as “meek and humble of heart”. 457 more words

Moral Judgment

Adultery, strip clubs, flirting, and virtue

I’m talking about sexuality in my CORE 350 ethics class at Felician. It’s a minefield. The subject is hard to talk about anywhere, but especially in a classroom–and especially in a classroom at a Catholic college. 2,227 more words

Faith, Hope & Charity: A Guide for the Wicked - Starts tomorrow!

This new module starts tomorrow 14.00-16.00 in the John Percival Building, Cardiff University.