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Etymological Investigations

Confidence. Con-fide-nce. these little guys are morphomemes- that smallest units of language. We are in the business of wordsmithing around these parts. Con-with. fide- 263 more words


C.S. Lewis, Virtue Ethics, and Maturing in Christ

In the Christian world at least, C.S. Lewis really needs no introduction. Oxford don, creator of Narnia, friend of J.R.R. Tolkien, and seen by many as one of the most intelligent, articulate, and beloved Christian thinkers of the 20th century. 1,649 more words

Should We Illustrate Jesus with Superheroes? Pt. 2

Okay, superheroes aren’t characters that we should use to illustrate Jesus and his redemptive work. While stories will adopt the “Jesus Myth” these characters don’t illustrate Jesus very well. 969 more words


Notes: After Virtue (MacIntyre) Part 1

Chapters 1-6

Initial Distinction:

Morality is based on either
1) personal preference or
2) an objective standard

Emotivism states the former → this prevents it from making normative statements.  1,380 more words


Looking back after a year of vegetarianism

Growing up in India, I didn’t get to eat meat as often as I would have liked. In most households in many parts of India, the diet is mostly vegetarian, and ours was no exception. 1,226 more words

Animal Rights

Cicero ... and how to live

In “Cicero on Living a Stoic Life,” John Sellars explains Cicero’s view that there are four dimensions to who you are: common human nature, your own character traits, the circumstances in which you find yourself, and the career you choose. 141 more words

P3: What Am I?

What then are the bourgeois virtues? You ask me to preach. I’ll preach to thee.

The leading bourgeois virtue is the Prudence to buy low and sell high.

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