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Cicero ... and how to live

In “Cicero on Living a Stoic Life,” John Sellars explains Cicero’s view that there are four dimensions to who you are: common human nature, your own character traits, the circumstances in which you find yourself, and the career you choose. 141 more words

P3: What Am I?

What then are the bourgeois virtues? You ask me to preach. I’ll preach to thee.

The leading bourgeois virtue is the Prudence to buy low and sell high.

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Some things on morality systems

So ever since I learned about the three ethical systems thing (consequentialism, deontology, virtue ethics – I don’t think I did have an article that lists them just from the top but… 1,596 more words

Doug Rasmussen on Particularized Eudaimonia and Ayn Rand

I was randomly reading this essay today and came across an insight that hit me in the face like a (pizza) pie. I don’t know how I never made the connection before. 1,627 more words

Ethics and Concern: The Panel on Parents and Immigrants

Let me begin with a personal story. I happen to know someone (I’ll call her “Julie”), an immigrant, whose mother came from Julie’s native country for what was billed as a parental visit. 2,176 more words

We don’t need no (moral) education? Five things you should learn about ethics

Patrick Stokes, Deakin University

The human animal takes a remarkably long time to reach maturity. And we cram a lot of learning into that time, as well we should: the list of things we need to know by the time we hit adulthood in order to thrive – personally, economically, socially, politically – is enormous. 1,043 more words