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Strategic Communication: Getting Ethical

In today’s society, ethics and morality are imperative, especially in the workplace. The following definitions relate to the profession in strategic communications:

  • Democracy is based on the principles of equality and mutual respect for all individuals.
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Strategic Communication

Me, Learning Ethics: Feminist/Care Ethics

I have witnessed various strains of modern feminism, and, to be honest, I can’t say I care for it. Are we not dealing with the third wave, still? 1,118 more words


The Next (Ethical) Step

The assignment for today’s post is simple and straight forward.  Read a lot and then define the following terms from the perspective of an ethicist or ethical school of thought… 929 more words


Me, Learning Ethics: Virtue Ethics

I actually finished my ethics class in December, but I still have a few more discussion posts that I haven’t blogged about. This is the third, or fourth, to last blog post I will be making that is related to the course. 1,193 more words


Heading Out to the Highway (with David Brooks)

The ethics of driving is a topic dear to my heart, having lost my two closest childhood friends (and the wife of one of those friends, who was also a friend) to traffic accidents, and living as I do in north Jersey, where every day’s commute is a near-death experience. 772 more words

The Dhammapada and Virtue Ethics

Author: Christopher Ives (Stonehill College)

The most widely read Buddhist text is, in all likelihood, the Dhammapada, a collection of verses attributed to the historical Buddha, which includes a widely quoted statement: 487 more words


What are Virtue-Ethics?

Moral Philosophy 101:

There are three major moral philosophies today. Each one tells us how to judge if an action is “good” or “bad.”

  1. Rules-based ethics…
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