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Gender Differences in Ethical Dilemmas

Throughout the ages there have been debates about gender differences in ethical decision making, from Aristotle to Aquinas to Freud. These arguments generally centre on the different ways men and woman make judgments when faced with a moral dilemma. 703 more words


Evaluating Virtue Ethics

Strengths of Virtue Ethics 

  1. Avoids using a formula – non normative
    – Unlike normative ethical theories such as Natural Law or Utilitarianism, Virtue Ethics avoids creating rules & guild lines to follow…
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Modern Virtue Ethics

G.E.M. Anscombe and Virtue Ethics


  • Anscombe published a paper asking whether there can be any moral laws if there is no God, & what right & wrong mean without a lawgiver…
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Traditional Virtue Ethics

What is Virtue Ethics? 

  • Virtue ethics began with Plato & Aristotle
  • Whereas most ethical theories focus on teleology (the morality of an act’s outcome) or deontology (the morality of the motive of an act) virtue ethics focuses on the act itself…
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Luther and the Attack on Tradition

“The Reformation was an attack on the very principle of tradition. Ralph McInerny notes the following:

“What Descartes set in motion in the world of thought, Luther a short time before had set in motion in religion: the solitary individual standing in judgement on tradition, having to verify for himself each and claim on penalty of being less than human, or less than a Christian. 271 more words

Virtue Ethics

Living a Flourishing Life

In this vlog,  philosopher Julia Annas discusses the concept of Aristotelian flourishing and examines what exactly does it mean to live a flourishing life?  Talking about the necessary conditions of what it is to flourish, Julia asserts that money and success are not necessarily the key components to lead a flourishing life. 64 more words


Duty V Emotion

What Finsbury Park and the Grenfell Fire has to tell us about how we come to an ethical understanding.

Whilst I was still in the police I had a good friend who was a care assistant. 1,274 more words