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Jesus' Commentary on Aristotle

Aristotle’s comments on liberality in Book 4 Chapter 1 of the Nicomachean ethics are very similar to the teachings of our Lord on money.

Aristotle says that people who have less can give less and be just as liberal as those who have more and give more: Jesus commends the widow for the two mites she gives. 538 more words


The Pro-Life Position - Part 2: Ethical Theories and Relativism

So I am continuing my blog on the PLP, see number 1 in the series for key terms and introductory notions. Now we get into the basic ethical theories. 881 more words


Moral realism

by Massimo Pigliucci

New Scientia Salon video featuring a discussion between between Massimo and Dan, this time on the issue of moral realism. This is also being published as part of a new initiative by Bloggingheads.tv, called MeaningofLife.tv. 193 more words


God’s Relationship to Different Contingent Entities


This chapter will primarily discuss God’s relationship to the many different contingent entities in the world, and their properties and characteristics. This will build upon the propositions—(1) through (3)—that were discussed in the previous chapter. 3,306 more words


Organs, Tissues, & Planned Parenthood

The recent debacle surrounding planned parenthood has been… well, uproarious to say the least. Some people are saying that PP is selling organs for profit, some are saying that PP is not making a profit but using the money for processing fees. 791 more words


Is there any way to settle moral disagreements?

When people disagree about moral issues, is there any rational way to resolve those disputes? Some think there are moral principles that any rational person must accept. 112 more words

P1: What Should I Do?

A few new quotes bases upon the current book I am writing.

The Way of the Natural Warrior

“Crazy is standing before a mighty enemy because you want to win. Brave is standing there because you have to. 276 more words