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A Compendium of Virtues

We’re in the month of May. In some countries like the Philippines, people still observe some traditions during this month to honor Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ: pilgrimages, processions, offering of flowers and praying the Rosary. 473 more words

You've Got to Try a Little Kindness

(Please read  Ephesians 4:29-5:2 in your preferred version of the Bible.  I have used the NIV to prepare these remarks.)

Imitating God requires getting rid of vice, replacing it with virtue. 2,142 more words


St. Peter the Loudmouth


For the past couple of months, I’ve been {casually} working my way through Matthew’s Gospel. According to the Rule of Lay Dominicans, I should be trying to say my Liturgy of the Hours {and} doing regular meditation on Sacred Scripture every day, but with the kids this is a slow, almost… 1,483 more words


Bubbling effortlessly from depths of the belly within

Echoes of end from the beginning

Casting scenes from the last laugh thriller show


Spectacle of ancient before all things… 94 more words


I make the firm aspiration to practice humility and modesty, concealing my virtues and practices from others.

Let me start by acknowledging how hypocritical voicing such an aspiration may seem on a blog dedicated to sharing my practice. I hope that, because I try to keep my identity hidden, you’ll forgive me and focus on the practical aspects rather than than personal ones. 166 more words


"God is Simple" --Lourdes Pinto

On this feast of the Holy Trinity, I rejoice to celebrate Unity in Trinity, the Simplicity of God.  Lourdes, the co-founder of Love Crucified Covenant Community,  tells us all the time, “ 900 more words

Seeking Union

Hope by Rick Reed (review)

Story tagline: Looking for hope in the crises around a mother’s death and one’s personal life

Personal comment:  Memories of slowing building hope during a key period in LGBT history, and an ex-lover who faced similar issues as the main character… 653 more words

Book Review