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The White Lie of the Self-Made Person

When you rent a car in India, the car comes with a driver, partly because their wages — as low as $2-3 a day — are negligible compared to the cost of the rental. 1,257 more words

The Enduring Power of Virtue

Virtue, not technocratic solutions, is what I claimed our world needs more of, but I’m not saying anything new. Virtue goes back at least two-and-a-half millennia. 1,129 more words

Remember to Breathe

We’ve all had weeks like this — the kind where you are racing around wondering how things got so busy and how we will juggle it all.   190 more words


Underground Virtues

In God’s eyes the differences of social position, of intellect, of culture, of cleanliness, of dress, which different men exhibit, and all the other rarities and exceptions on which they so fantastically pin their pride, must be so small as practically quite to vanish; and all that should remain is the common fact that here we are, a countless multitude of vessels of life, each of us pent in to peculiar difficulties, with which we must severally struggle by using whatever of fortitude and goodness we can summon up. 172 more words


Death is fleeting; Honor is forever

I love the name of honor, more than I fear death.
**Julius Ceasar


The saddest manifestation

Intentional harm to another being

is the saddest manifestation

of an ignorant mind

Words and photo by Stephanie Mohan


An Ascetic Epitome

There are a few similar sayings from the desert fathers to the one below, but I think it might be the most expansive. In any case, I think it stands alone just fine—one could consider every post on this blog as commentary on this one saying. 230 more words