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Cardinal Moral Virtues - Part 2 of 3

Father Geiermann continues his discussion of the moral virtues by elaborating upon the cardinal virtue of justice and upon the virtue of religion, which is a type of justice. 355 more words


Verdant Moments

In fear and trembling,
I make not a sound.
While Light absorbing,
Love’s water is found
for Wisdom’s greening

Being thus chosen,
I integrate; here… 35 more words


Honor, Integrity, and Being True

Honor has been on my mind lately. A new friend mentioned it yesterday, reminding me certain things are not worth my honor. In seeking a new job it has been increasingly on my mind. 372 more words

Star Foster

Cardinal Moral Virtues - Part 1 of 3

St. Bonaventure teaches: “Let prudence guide your reason, let fortitude govern your temper, let temperance govern your desires, and let justice rule all your actions.” Father Geiermann writes: “All the moral virtues are subordinated to the four principal ones which are called cardinal. 342 more words


Notes on Orwell's Aspidistra

Having just finished George Orwell’s 1956 Keep the Aspidistra Flying, I find myself no less confused about Orwell’s personal philosophies than when I had begun it.  1,254 more words

George Orwell

Problems with Modern Psychology part 2: Fulton Sheen

Part 1: Problems with Modern psychology part 1: introduction 

It has occurred to me that perhaps I have cast my net quite wide, and that some of the problems I wish to discuss are not quite so directly related to psychology, but are rather indirect byproducts of the modern study of psychology. 1,544 more words


Problems with Modern psychology part 1: introduction

Several things I’ve read/listened to recently have dovetailed quite nicely with one another, all building on similar themes of problems with psychology. I will gradually build upon these shared themes in a series of posts, of which this is the first. 1,066 more words