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The Flesh Rebels

Father Guibert states: “Of all the promises of life that are given by piety, there is none more consoling to the heart of the Christian than that of victory over the flesh and peace of the senses. 359 more words


A Pious Mother

The mother of Archbishop Lefebvre, Gabrielle Lefebvre was an amazing example of a pious mother and a great soul.  The book, naturally sold by Angelus Press,  416 more words


Pain so sorrowful

My life,

Tainted by your so called love for me,

You ripped my body,

But you shall never have

My soul,

Believe me, my tear is not shed once for the suffering… 130 more words


“Service, generous endless service,
only true reverence will suffice.”
giving kindness, even sacrifice,
keeps me calm and not to be nervous.

Yes, friendship’s cost I sometimes lament, 137 more words


Heart welts

Can brains cower  daily in a bathroom?

She suffered from heart welts after marriage to a writer and his wren,Chris.

He has foot stains all over his floor but there is no  unknown cure.How can they know that? 304 more words


Marcus Cicero

Marcus Cicero (107-43) was a Roman philosopher, politician, and orator.

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… is the soul of life. Cherish it like nothing else. It conquers any and all destructive forces. Breathe, feel and enjoy it through every fibre of your life.

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