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Two things make a man truly virtuous,—good actions and good aims.

(Commentary on John 6:25)


Chapter Eight

“Power of Dreams comes from the Gems of Virtue, Purity, Faith and Innocence. Their powers are greater than ours. This is the Truth. It is written in ruby dust on the oldest stone of Practicality and set by our ancestors in the inner sanctum of the temple. 834 more words


Courage: A Reflection

Stay Safe this Memorial Day

The Master said, “To see what is right and not do it, is want of courage.”

Confucius, in Analects

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The Good


virtues are gifts wrapped and ribboned
by swift and patient hands, quiet
shields against those pangs of caring.
on occasion, they soften glittering blows
and on others, they make way for their pain. 17 more words


Left or Right - The Utopian Nightmare

In contemporary political discourse, the terms left and right are thrown around so often that they’ve nearly degraded to the point of being insubstantial memes.  “Right-Wing Extremists” has been a term swung like a baseball bat by the media and by academics since the New Left rose to prominence in the sixties, and it was an amusing enough rhetorical cudgel given the fact that almost none of the terrorist acts committed by Americans during those chaotic decades were even remotely ‘right-wing’ no matter how you defined it.  2,273 more words


Two True Stories of Uncle Wolf and Hannah

Two True Stories of Uncle Wolf and Hannah

I want to share an extraordinary story. Perhaps it is not so extraordinary In the Summer of 2017, I met Uncle Wolf, short for Wolfgang. 1,688 more words


The Straight Path III

There are three steps to the straight path. The first step is to remember the straight path and begin to perceive its presence in all things. 66 more words

The Straight Path