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Fighting Back to Back

 Virtues and Vices
Fighting back to back
Struggling to dominate
And be the one to win.
Purposeful intentions
Easily slip by
The busy mind and heart. 78 more words


Eighth Commandment: Don't Lie

According to the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the eighth commandment is: “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” 284 more words


Some mornings I wake up and I feel overwhelming emotions. 403 more words


The 300's Prayer

A good bit: one particular rendering of the famous Spartan epitaph from Thermopylae:

Go, way-farer, bear news to Sparta’s town
That here, their bidding done, we laid us down.

–rendered by Cyril E. Robinson

Small Success Thursday: The Lent's Not So Bad Edition

Celebrate the good things in life with CatholicMom.com!


Oldest Dumpling and I decluttered and reorganized the junk drawer.


We’re going camping!  With the brutal weather we’ve been having, and with how far along we are in schooling as a result, we skipped formal lessons yesterday and started planning our spring camping trip. 850 more words


Sat Dec 28 2:54 PM 2013

The precepts guiding inter-human relations on the individual level and the global level should be identical.

Primates On Typewriters

A Prayer Schedule

In hopes of having a better prayer life (and not always just asking for special treatment or favors), I put together this prayer schedule.  It is set up as follows: … 261 more words