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The New Veteran's Creed

I am an American Veteran.

A collective of eleven prominent veterans’ organizations have announced the establishment of a new Veteran’s Creed. Retired General George Casey, former Chief of Staff of the Army and one of the driving forces behind the creed’s creation, explained that “it can serve as a unifying concept to remind veterans of the value of their military service, to inspire veterans to continue to serve and lead at local, state, and national levels, and to push them to continue to excel.”

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(Aananda) Happiness

When we think of Happiness, we all have our own ideas ready in mind. For some, it is solely materialistic, while for some, it is more about experiences and memories. 526 more words

Brief Posts

First Principles: Mankind Is Equal Before God and Law but Not In Talents, Abilities and Application of These

“When we say, that all men are equal; we mean not to apply this equality to their virtues, their talents, their dispositions, or their acquirements.” 11 more words

First Principles

Thoughts for June 17 from Fr Willie Doyle

I feel also a great longing to love Jesus very, very much, to draw very close to His Sacred Heart, and to be ever united to Him, always thinking of Him and praying.

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Maps of Mind

his sins made his map

vivid stains like so many

unlovely small continents

upthrust impertinent

blots upon blessed

blue oceans of grace

mental landmasses

shaped by intemperate… 143 more words


Flash Fiction: She scared the cat

For years Delilah pulled the cat’s tail, and kicked him as he walked.

She liked hiding then jumping out and screaming.

The cat lived in terror and was always afraid. 112 more words


My bubble of time is very short with you.
It’s fragile, thin, …aaand POP! It’s through.
My bubble of time is
My bubble of remembrance, too. 617 more words