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Saint John abut trust


Saint John the Evangelist:  I trusted Him. I believed in Him. He was for me the living image of God. How could I doubt Him ? 146 more words


Maisy's Christmas - 3 December (Part 2)

 ...Gavin reluctantly agreed.  Hunching  his shoulders to keep warm, he started walking towards the coffee shop.  He had waited for so long to get this interview and now a credit card seemed to derailing his efforts! 287 more words


The Christmas Condom

Okay, that’s a crude title…

…but no more harsh than what we say to friends and family over the holidays.  Therefore, I suggest that, as part of our morning ritual, we slip on an extra layer of skin, this one lubricated with the Holy Spirit. 197 more words


Thoughts for the Second Sunday of Advent from Fr Willie Doyle

He has been tugging at my heart for so many years, urging me in so many ways to give myself wholly to Him, to give all and refuse Him nothing.

77 more words

The grace of God flows there, where it finds true faith


Mother of God:  Do not try to get to know God from theologians since He reveals Himself to you. Look at Him and get to know Him by loving. 196 more words


The faith of Moses, God counts on trust


God the Father:  My Daughter, do not be afraid. I do not proceed with you as I did  with Moses. This can not be compared so directly. 182 more words


Blind faith as reparation


Lord Jesus:  My daughter, in all your struggles, I want you to remember that your sacrifice is a sacrifice of love, that your sacrifice is perpetrated on the basis of faith, trustfulness and love. 204 more words