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Daily Check Up

Podcasts have become an important part of my retirement life. Driving in the car I listen to news podcasts and story telling podcasts. When I wake up in the middle of the night I listen to old radio shows to help me get back to sleep. 658 more words

Dominus Historiae: Part III

Continuing my review of Jean Daniélou’s The Lord of History from here.

Daniélou has by this point given us a fairly extensive theology of history. 4,698 more words


10 Virtues Instilled and Strengthened by Pets

Most people that have kids like to say things like, “My kids made me realize what’s important in life, ” and, “My children make me want to be a better person.”  Well, I’ve VERY INTENTIONALLY never had kids, but I think the same thing can be said about pets.   307 more words

Thoughts for April 24 (St Fidelis of Sigmaringen) from Fr Willie Doyle

I have long had the feeling that, since the world is growing so rapidly worse and worse and God has lost His hold, as it were, upon the hearts of men, He is looking all the more earnestly and anxiously for big things from those who are faithful to Him still.

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Right thinking

whole of our life we try our best to control everything around us but still nothing is in our control . Actually instead of foccusing our attention on others try and control our mind which is always busy in analyzing Others. 83 more words


And He did not do many works of power there, because of their unbelief (their lack of faith in the divine mission of Jesus). (‭Matt ‭13‬:‭58‬)

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We are all stumblers, and the beauty and meaning of life are in the stumbling — in recognizing the stumbling and trying to become more graceful as the years go by.

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