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Thoughts for August 25 from Fr Willie Doyle

I am truly glad you are looking to the perfection of your daily actions; it is the simplest, yet perhaps hardest, way of sanctification, with little fear of deception.

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Highest Good or are You Happy?

I just finished a course on Ethics and Moral reasoning so I am happy that this is over. I have never been a fan of the subject of Ethics and philosophy. 238 more words

Wonderful Comment from "The Individual" - commenting on "Loss of Innocence"

Original article here.

The Individual (a.k.a Reptilian Dimension)

Interesting article. As a young adult I can say that society and the media (as a wise man once told me, “the art dictates the culture of a society) has raised much of my generation to hate God and be negative. 422 more words


Vanity, Vanity, All is Vanity..... True Womanhood, 1894

This article is a good reminder that, although we may not have the wealth that is talked about, we still must protect our hearts from the vanity of the world, and anything else that wants to eke its way into our hearts and be a stumbling block to being a gracious, loving and lovely Catholic woman! 1,576 more words


Thoughts for August 24 from Fr Willie Doyle

All these trials, snubs, unpleasantnesses, etc., do not come to you by chance, they are precious jewels from the hand of God, and, if you could only bring yourself to look upon them in the right light, would make you a really big saint.

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Loss of Innocence!

Simple Truth

Gone are the days of yesterday, or better said, yesteryear. Back in the days of the above video you would have to say that people looked a lot sweeter and had a real sense of innocence about them and also back then, people were more positive and had more positive messages in their songs and even the films all had possitive happy endings. 680 more words