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RIGHTEOUSNESS: By The Grace Of God, Holiness Is What We Are by A Sister of All Saints Convent

All Saints Convent is located in Catonsville, Maryland

Ralph Martin, in the introduction to his book, Called To Holiness, tells a story about Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  1,480 more words


Thoughts for June 22 from Fr Willie Doyle

“No evil shall come upon you”, (Jerem. 23. 17). It is a consoling thought that God watches over us with unceasing care; that no matter where we may be – alone in our humble cell or passing through the crowded streets of the feverish panting city – the hand of God is over us and sheltering us from a thousand unknown dangers, guiding us safely along the path of life.

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In Praise of UnMarried Women - Fr. Daniel A. Lord


Australian Catholic Truth Society 1950

Whatever literature may say about spinsters, and however much history may ignore them – except for outstanding spinsters like Elizabeth of England – the Church’s attitude toward unmarried women has been, from the first, one of reverence. 1,820 more words


Charity and Kingship: Eleventh-Century Royal Diplomas

Yesterday was going so well. Writing the last bit of written work I’ve got scheduled for while I’m still here, I polished off one section, and prepared to move onto the next. 1,005 more words


Don't brag ...

I get turned off by people who continually brag about all the good things that they do.  Whether it’s politicians, celebrities or just the person next door, many feel compelled to remind us of how good they are.   137 more words


Purity is Beautiful - Fr. Lovasik

The following is a post to urge those who are in the single state to fight hard to retain their their purity during courtship. It is so important to preserve purity before marriage…and always!! 1,249 more words


Are you willing to try new things with your friends?

Adult Friend Challenge – Prudence

#12: Docility 

Be willing to try new things with your friend – a new type of cuisine, a different activity, read a book they recommended, etc. 100 more words