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Help Mountain Gorillas by Signing a Petition to The Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Please help save the Virunga National Park  in the Democratic Republic of the Congo from oil exploration. The National park is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the most biologically diverse areas on the planet. 475 more words

Animal Rights

And Then There Were None: Mountain Gorillas in Imminent Danger

In this central African park.

Desperate refugees crowd park boundaries.

Charcoal producers strip forests.

Then, last summer , someone killed seven of these magnificent creatures in cold blood. 615 more words


Reflections from the Congo

The Democratic Repuplic of the Congo has all too often been a forgotten place. I imagine nearly all of you can recall the 1994 genocide that killed nearly 1 million people in Rwanda. 747 more words


Virungamovie #takeaction #TeamVirunga #Virunga

Take action for the gorillas in Congo!

One amazing film telling the story of park rangers protecting the Virunga National Park and the gorillas living there among other animals. 310 more words


A revealing commentary on the documentary film Virunga was published about a week ago in the magazine Foreign Affairs. The key lesson one gains when reading the article is the importance of avoiding a dynamic of representation wherein white people advocate on behalf of non-white people for a good, noble, or important cause, but – in so doing – radically simplify the complexities of social situations and, more importantly, deny or silence local voices. 595 more words


Virunga: A must see documentary on Virunga National Park, the bravery of its protectors, its mountain gorillas and the forces of evil ranged against them

Hugh Paxton’s Blog likes wildlife documentaries but many tend to be a bit…samey. Virunga isn’t. At all. In fact I’m not sure whether I’d classify it a wildlife documentary at all. 225 more words


Virunga cleared of rebels claim

http://wildlifenews.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/gorilla.jpg – An unnamed official at the United Nations has claimed that the Virunga National Park has finally been cleared of rebel forces. The UN military adviser supported the claims of the DR Congo government that its army has retaken control of vast areas of the park following a weekend offensive. 6 more words