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Simulations and supercomputers decipher HIV capsid secrets

It took two years on a supercomputer to simulate 1.2 microseconds in the life of the HIV capsid, a protein cage that shuttles the HIV virus to the nucleus of a human cell. 427 more words

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Over half of people with HIV taking AIDS drugs: United Nations

LONDON – The United Nations says that for the first time in the AIDS epidemic, more than half of all people with HIV are on drugs to treat the virus. 114 more words


Circular DNA throws biologists for a loop

Well, the biological community is finally starting to wake up to the fact that circular DNA may have some valid reason for more rigorous study because it comes in all different sizes, packed with (guess what?) chromosomal genes! 289 more words


Australia helps Sri Lanka to control dengue fever after 250 die

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

Australia announced programmes on Wednesday to help control dengue fever in Sri Lanka, where the mosquito-borne disease killed more around 250 people in the first half of this year. 184 more words

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“Post-Ebola syndrome” is something else to keep you up at night

(Source: arstechnica.com)

After the ghastly symptoms subside, Ebola may not be done; it may just shift to a clever stealth mode, a new study suggests. 911 more words


The wasting of the stars: A look into the largest ocean epidemic in recorded history

By Peter Arcuni
July 18, 2017
Originally published in Peninsula Press
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In June 2013, Steve Fradkin hiked the rugged coast of Washington State’s Olympic National Park to count the stars. 430 more words

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Email Security Training

Around here, it’s a pointless endeavor. No matter how many times I tell the users, and no matter how dumbed down I make the training, they still repeat the same idiocy. 57 more words