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Hepatitis A Outbreak Now Delcared in LA County

The Hepatitis A Outbreak which has killed at least 16 people in San Diego and sickened hundreds more has now surfaced in LA County.

Doug McIntyre of Los Angeles’ KABC McIntyre in the Morning reported 10 people confirmed thus far infected in LA county, primarily affecting the homeless population.   450 more words


Searching For These Celebs May Destroy Your Computer

Avril Lavigne has been named the most dangerous celebrity on the Internet by Cybersecurity firm McAfee.

Searches for the singer’s name have a 14.5 percent chance of taking web surfers to a page containing viruses or malware. 60 more words


Palo Alto Networks enhances its Security Portfolio

Palo Alto Networks has announced enhancements to its Traps advanced endpoint protection offering that strengthen current ransomware prevention by monitoring for new techniques and ransomware behaviour and, upon detection, prevent the attack and resulting encryption of data. 66 more words


Nibblers, Nukes and Noodles

Hiding summer’s age no more

No more leaves in summer sky

Turning dark on empty car lots

When summer was my only friend

I always wondered what Spanish folk called the Spanish Flu back in 1918. 1,410 more words


Jonathan McLatchie Lies About Br. Mansur

Jonathan McLatchie’s antagonistic and reprehensible behaviour is well known in the interfaith community. Renowned for unabashedly attacking those he disagrees with and then deleting the attacks without apology is par the course for Jonny. 484 more words


Cara Mengembalikan File Flasdisk yang Disembunyikan Virus

Hal yang paling menjengkelkan ketika file yang telah kita buat dan simpan di memori (flasdisk) tiba-tiba menghilang. Padahal, file tersebut sangat penting entah itu file laporan, persentasi maupun skripsi (bagi mahasiswa). 174 more words