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The Fault in Our Sea Stars

What if I told you that one of your favorite cartoon characters could be endanger of contracting a fatal disease. Patrick Star (picture shown above) is a character from the show… 412 more words

Could a human virus be discovered that will make cancer effectively considered contagious?

Question continued: UPDATE: After feedback, I’ve made the title more neutral.  The sensationalist tilt was unintentional on my part.  Thanks for those who provided input.  If you can’t agree to the wording now, you may simply delete your answer.  1,108 more words


ZHN Ep. 3 "The Den"

DOWNLOAD: ZHN Ep. 3 “The Den (2013)

Tonight Mike and I discuss the 2013 movie, “The Den”. We talk about having your computer hacked, and your limbs. 22 more words

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Tips de Prevención

La hembra Aedes aegypti -el mosquito transmisor del dengue y chikungunya- se siente atraída por el aroma de las bacterias que se encuentran en el agua estancada, así que si limpias tu casa, y tu patio, habrá menos agua estancada y por lo tanto menos mosquitos. 337 more words


BioBit – The lymphatic system, the other part of your body’s circulation

You have probably heard of your circulatory system, the series of vessels and arteries used to transport blood full of oxygen and nutrients around your body. 270 more words


Adult Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease - Silverline This!

It all began about a week ago when the little one came down with a fever. He went off his food for a couple of days and he needed a couple of doses of nurofen but he was back to his usual self by day three. 1,145 more words


Killer viruses in "King of Thorn (2009)"

While I love manga/anime with a medical-thriller vibe (think Naoki Urasawa’s “Monster”) this killer virus flick, “King of Thorn” totally escaped my radar. In fact, I hadn’t heard of this anime or the manga until last night while dicking around on YouTube for something to review. 294 more words