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Flu virus' best friend: Low humidity

Experts know that cold temperatures and low humidity promote transmission of the flu virus, less is understood about the effect of decreased humidity on the immune system’s defenses against flu infection. 224 more words


Did you know that genetically engineered immune cells fight off deadly virus in mice?

Researchers may have demonstrated a novel way to safeguard us from some of the world’s deadliest viruses. By genetically engineering immune cells, which will make more effective antibodies, they usually have defended mice from a potentially lethal lung virus. 205 more words


The Daily Dose: African Swine Fever decimates hogs in Asia; the Ebola outbreak continues to worsen

Worsening situation: African Swine Fever continues to decimate Chinese hogs in unprecedented numbers. International experts believe that the veterinary infrastructure is simply overwhelmed by the crisis. 442 more words

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The Stories We Don't Tell

What’s the greatest accomplishment you ever achieved at work? No doubt, you have things that you’re proud of.

I’ve spent some time thinking about it. The fact is, in IT often our greatest accomplishments are the ones we can’t talk about. 437 more words

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Infant Rashes

Infant rashes are a source of extreme stress in new and experienced parents alike. Even in twins, the same rash can appear completely different. What’s worrisome, and what’s not? 882 more words


Articles: antibodies' role in immune reaction

As I previously outlined, the Immune System has specifically to do with blood, rather than being merely a vaguely general bodily function. Responsible for general health and wellness, it deals with viruses and bacteria, such as cold, flu and infections while being responsible for handling allergens, which include anything from mold and pollen to food. 536 more words


Blackout in Etruscera

UUNN Newswire

(Great Pillars) After initial reports of a widespread power outage in Etruscera, the capital city of Martius, we now understand that there has also been a complete lock-down and news blackout in the city.  39 more words