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Science at #Halloween - Chinese bats source of SARS virus

It looks like the SARS virus originated in Chinese horseshoe bats and was passed on through bat-to-human contact – that’s one for you, Count Dracula!


Computer game could solve ash dieback

A Facebook game could help scientists find out how to protect ash trees from ash dieback, caused by infection with the Chalara fraxinea fungus.


Genes mean that Chinese people get more severe flu symptoms

People who have a variant of the gene IFITM3 means that they get flu symptoms more severely, and this form of the gene is more common in China. 7 more words


You can make beer from your beard

Well not quite, but brewmaster John Maier, of Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon, has brewed (what sounds like rather good) beer using wild strains of brewers yeast (Saccharomyces) isolated from his beard.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi & Yeasts