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Book Piracy-Warning!!!

Please do not go to the piracy sites that lies and say they have my books. They do not. All they have are viruses and Trojans that will infect and damage your computer. 43 more words


Lactic Acid Bacteria Can Protect Against Influenza A Virus

Lactic acid bacteria, commonly used as probiotics to improve digestive health, can offer protection against different subtypes of influenza A virus, resulting in reduced weight loss after virus infection and lower amounts of virus replication in the lungs, according to a study led by Georgia State University. 791 more words


Advent Calendar Day 16 ( 4 dangerous viruses you do NOT want on your computer )


  1. Trojan (DF: 7.6/10)
  2. MEMES! (DF: 7/10)
  3. Code Red (DF: 4.3.5)
  4. Spyware (DF: 10/10)

Advent Calendar Day 15 (dangerous websites)

do not open the following websites:

3. goo.gl / goo.gle

2. paste.bin ( paste bin )

and number 1 is adf.ly (adfly).

so the lesson here is be careful what U click on.


The science behind 'man flu'

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: Are men wimps or do they have inferior immune systems that make them complain more than women when they catch the flu? 354 more words

Current Affairs

Ryan Gosling Debuts New Buzzcut on Set of Neil Armstrong Biopic

How did Ryan Gosling cut his hair for his new astronaut film? He eclipsed it!

The actor, who was spotted wearing a bathrobe, pajamas and a pair of boots, revealed his new buzz cut on the set of his… 245 more words


The Biggest Killer in History Could Kill Again

The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History By John M. Barry

Humankind likes to think it is in control and rests comfortable in that thought. 621 more words