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Slow Computer Part I

How many times have you heard, “My computer is slow.”  This can be caused by many different things.  It could be that your computer is just old.  136 more words


When Disaster Strikes – 5 Common “Disasters” Most Executives Never Think Of

By Matt VanVoorhis

Knowing the Disaster Recovery terminology is important, but equally important is knowing what sorts of situations you could be faced with.  At Innovative Solutions we don’t expect our clients to be disaster recovery experts, but having a baseline understanding of the terms used when preparing and executing a disaster recovery plan can make for a much easier process. 431 more words

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Why Jerry Brown Was Right to Sign the California Vaccine Bill

Updated: June 30, 2015, 2:32 PM EDT

California does not often make common cause with Mississippi and West Virginia. America’s blue-red divide doesn’t come any wider than it does between the liberal laboratory of the Pacific West and the conservative cornerstones of the old south. 910 more words

Emails with subject "Report dated/Memo dated/Notification dated/Paper dated 9th June" contains trojan

MX Lab, http://www.mxlab.eu, started to intercept a new trojan distribution campaign by email with subjects like:

Report dated 9th Jun
Memo dated 9th March… 390 more words


TODAY ONLY - Save Over 60% on Norton Security (For 5 Devices)

Amazon’s Deal of the Day, for Thursday, June 25, 2015 has Norton Security (for 5 Devices) at 63% off the regular price. The deal remains in effect until 11:59 pm (PT) on Thursday. 122 more words


Critical flaw in ESET products shows why spy groups are interested in antivirus programs..

Lucian Constantin
IDG News Service
Jun 24, 2015 10:52 AM

Both Kaspersky Antivirus and Eset promise you the moon take your money and both are now compromised..why do you keep spending money on these firms crap software.. 843 more words

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Amazing True Facts About Microbiology, Part One

Because “protists” are so diverse, the term “protist” is a group of microbes that’s no longer being used. Instead, the categories of microbes are bacteria, archaea, fungi, algae, protozoa, and viruses (which aren’t technically living/cells). 435 more words