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Viruses and their Function

Not truly alive, viruses and are entities that take control of a cell and use it to produce more of themselves.  They aren’t considered alive because they cannot reproduce themselves, relying on an infected cell to do that for them.  277 more words


Zika transmission prevention not just for men- updated WHO guidance

The World Health Organization (WHO) has strengthened its advice on preventing sexual transmission of the Zika virus. The interim guidance report recommends that both men AND women practice safe sex for six months… 136 more words


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As well- Zika and risk of microcephaly - see this NEJM report.

A Virus Is Stealing The Black Widow's DNA To Create Its Own Venom

The bite of the Black Widow spider is widely feared, and for excellent reason. A black widow’s venom contains latrotoxin, which can cause muscle rigidity, pain, and vomiting. 247 more words

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Offline vs. Real Time Video Editing

Offline vs. Real Time editing

Offline editing is the post-production editing of film, as in copying the raw footage and editing the copy without affecting the original.   178 more words



Food as defined by Codex Alimentarius Comission is any substance whether processed, semi processed or raw, which is intended for human consumption. It includes; chewing gum, drinks and any substance which has been used in the manufacture, preparation or treatment of food. 355 more words


Cryptovirology for Dummies


I’ve been buried in calculus and music theory tests. Sorry. Not. Okay, moving on.

Well, if you don’t know what the title was all about, shame on you. 823 more words


Mac Users: Think You Can’t Get A Virus? Think Again.

IT’S A COMMON MYTH THAT I HEAR OFTEN: MACS DON’T GET VIRUSES. It’s simply not true. What is true? If you don’t have up-to-date anti-virus software, you’re playing with fire. 232 more words