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The "Knowledge is Power" Cliche & Why It Holds Some Truth

When the British Commander-in-Chief, Geoffrey Amherst, ordered his troops to gift blankets laced with smallpox to the “hostile” Indian tribes, he made a power play. 509 more words

Viral Media

New Illustration for Harvard Business Review

This was a fun one. I got to draw internet viruses. It’s a piece about an arm of the US military that handles cyber attacks.

If It Doesn’t Spread, Its Dead

The term virus expands across a wide field of disciplines; however, for a long period of time it has been limited and related to human biology. 733 more words


Lack of Sleep Dramatically Raises Your Risk For Getting Sick

If you want to stay healthy, skip sleep at your own risk. According to the new results of a new study, people who slept six hours a night or less were four times as likely to get sick after being exposed to the cold virus compared with those who got more sleep. 377 more words

Man shedding the polio virus for nearly three decades!

Yes, you read it right and it is scary!

A latest discovery published in PLOS Pathogens, talks about an Immunodeficient man who has been shedding the deadly polio virus for almost 3 decades now. 393 more words


From CNRS: "Imitating viruses to deliver drugs to cells"

The National Center for Scientific Research

28 AUGUST 2015
CNRS scientist l Guy Zuber l T +33 (0)3 68 85 41 76 / +33 (0)6 03 75 71 23 l zuber@unistra.fr… 809 more words

Applied Research & Technology

Are we really closer to a universal flu vaccine?

There has been news recently of a step towards the development of a vaccine would immunise against all flu viruses. Currently flu vaccines have to be developed every year to combat the specific viruses researchers think are likely to be dangerous that year. 134 more words