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I-140 Premium Processing: Good or Bad?

Premium Processing is a service offered by USCIS for which anyone filing an I-140 (or with an I-140) can pay USCIS an extra $1225 and they will guarantee processing your case within 2 weeks or they will refund your money (and, according to USCIS, continue processing the case in an expedited manner).   821 more words


Student visas for Japan

Applying for a visa can be a complicated, and seemingly overwhelming task for those looking to start their long term studies in Japan. But once you deconstruct the separate components it becomes a lot more simple. 535 more words


I moved to Canada...now what?

Two years ago when I was planning my move to Canada, I decided to move to Toronto. It was a big, bold north American city, and it held the promises and fulfilment that I was seeking. 523 more words


Immigration Heartache Part 2

I’m really fed up. This post isn’t even about immigration per se but about my boyfriend coming to visit for a holiday.

It seems that Indians are guilty until proven innocent if they want to come to the UK for personal or business reasons (general visit visa) and it’s just damn well unfair! 583 more words


Africa Trip Update!

Today I got to purchase my planes tickets!!! So much excitement and just another step to this all feeling a bit more real. It is an amazing opportunity to see things slowly fall into place that have been in my heart for a few years. 267 more words


Voyage Prepping and Stressing

I started packing early last week in the hopes of not feeling rushed at the last minute. Of course, that happened anyway, but I’m finally done! 360 more words


A Simple Solution To The Illegal Immigration Problem

Before I begin this personal narrative, I must apologize to my subscribers for being somewhat short and light on content for the past few days as my new job has really taken over my availability to fully dedicate myself to my website.   811 more words

The Jewish Problem