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Majestic Waterfalls

Unbelievable sight, indescribable feeling – that’s the spell of majestic waterfalls. These natural wonders can be found in every province but often missed out on itineraries. 899 more words


My Tagálog identity ends where my Filipino identity begins

I know one local historian in Batangas who takes pride in everything Batangueño. Nothing wrong with it. The error begins whenever he starts to brag that Batangueños are the bravest in Filipinas, that they had the most sophisticated lifestyle during the early days of our country, that they contributed the most to Filipino history and culture, etc. 654 more words

Identidad Filipina

Pray: Iloilo, City of Love

The Iloilo leg should be good, no? What could happen in the City of Love?


After visiting the two churches in Bacolod, it’s time to visit three more in the City of Love. 780 more words


Banas Guimaras 10 Mile Trail Race 2017; A taste of Guimaras Island Trails.

Guimaras Island, Philippines is known for its sweetest Mango. Aside from it, they are also famous in beautiful beaches and lucrative wind mills in the town of San Lorenzo. 385 more words


Barili's Milk Station

April 16, 2017

After staying the night in Moalboal, we decided to check this place while we’re on our way home. This place is known for their ice cream, which is made from cow’s milk. 16 more words


Discover Moalboal

Travel Period : April 15 – 16, 2017

This post is late, again!

Holyweek season, some people would visit churches and some people would take this opportunity to travel, because duh it’s long weekend! 326 more words


My newfound appreciation for brown sand beaches: on Patio Victoria, Tacloban

Dropped by Patio Victoria in Tacloban just right after the sun rose at around 7 in the morning. The curved beachline was stunning! (which was I think from the renovation) — something that before was but sea and a shore of debris. 175 more words