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Time Travel Is It Possible ?

Don’t worry readers you have not read wrong, this is your normal healthy living blog.

Maybe I should explain myself, I have not suddenly discovered the fountain of youth or anything like that. 327 more words

The Truth about Visceral Fat

Visceral fat is the official name for the fat around our organs. It is not the same as subcutaneous fat found under the skin (body fat). 568 more words

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Punya badan yang sehat itu emang gak gampang.

Butuh pengorbanan baik materi, tenaga dan komitmen.

Kenapa saya bilang komitmen? Gak usah jauh-jauh, saya sendiri untuk mempertahankan hidup sehat itu susahnya ampun-ampun :D… 424 more words

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Why aren’t all morning runners able to burn fat?

An image of your favourite celebrity, with that perfectly slim waist on the cover page of a magazine lures you to attain the same. And you read their fitness secrets, all talking about running as the best workout to shed kilos. 580 more words

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Exercise training v calorie deficit diets: which is best to improve body weight & VAT fat?

Visceral adipose tissue (VAT) is the ‘bad fat’ around the internal organs and an identified culprit in cardio-metabolic diseases, hence an important target of exercise programmes and nutrition. 347 more words


What Visceral Fat Can Do To you

A scary look into what is happening inside your body.