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Weight had been an issue to my hubby and in fact we made lots effort tying to lose weight for better health since 2-3years ago. We actually bought an Omron HBF-375 for closer monitoring for his BMI, Fat%, Muscle %, Visceral fat as well as body age as a tracking to his progress. 318 more words

May 2016

Holding Back the Years

Ok, I’m weeks into my investigation; I’ve been researching both the inner and outer body. Could actions like losing weight, changing the clothes I wear or altering my hairstyle make me appear younger, more sophisticated and would a transformation of my image suit me and would it alter the way that others perceive me? 642 more words

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Three Things

1. A new study has found that excess abdominal fat is more of a risk factor for a heart attack than weight. Excess abdominal fat could be categorized as an “apple” shaped body. 204 more words

Three Things

Visceral Fat

Visceral Fat is the fat that is wrapped around our heart and other vital organs. It is also the fat that is deposited around our arteries. 141 more words


How to Get Rid of Abdominal Fat

You’ve probably heard about the pear-shaped body vs. the apple-shaped body. The pear shape, characterized by more fat in the hips/butt/thighs, is seen as less problematic than the apple shape, where more fat is carried around the mid-section. 184 more words

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Noxious Gunk! Make one new lifestyle choice today

By introducing you to noxious gunk my hope is to give you the information and the encouragement to make at least one lifestyle choice change this week. 1,086 more words

Could a low carb diet be sabotaging your weight loss?

Are you struggling to lose weight despite following a very low carb diet? Is the waistband of your jeans feeling tighter? Noticed your blood glucose levels rising? 1,586 more words

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