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The dangers of Visceral fat

Visceral fat is the one we don’t think of, some may not know about, but it has many hidden dangers. Visceral fat is the fat stored in the abdominal cavity and it surrounds several of our major organs a bit like a gel, deep beneath the skins surface. 214 more words


To V or not to V

According to the vegan society the number of vegans in the UK has doubled in the last nine years to around 300,000 people. Veganism can be a sensitive topic as veganism is not just a matter of what someone uses to get a better health result but is also and ethical or philosophical stance. 557 more words

Weight Loss

Visceral Fat What?!? Aug 3

K this is getting ridiculous! I’ve not loss the weight! Still at 195! Like come on! Well I’ve also been the worst about my diet. I did pick up my gym game… … 334 more words

Belly Fat

What's the best way to get rid of belly fat?

What is the best way to get rid of belly fat? That is the million dollar question.

The quickest way to get rid of belly fat is to… 426 more words


The Hidden Dangers Of Belly Fat

No one likes to stare down at his or her stomach and find a bulging belly staring back at him or her. Unfortunately, it seems like one day you just wake up and there it is belly fat. 676 more words

Function - Mind/Body Connection

Time Travel Is It Possible ?

Don’t worry readers you have not read wrong, this is your normal healthy living blog.

Maybe I should explain myself, I have not suddenly discovered the fountain of youth or anything like that. 327 more words