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My body is now changing; shrinking in fact. After attending the gym regularly over the last 6 weeks I have found that my clothes are  fitting much better. 54 more words


Is Belly Fat Bad for Me?

Belly fat (also known as visceral fat) is good because it cushions your organs but too much of it can increase your chances of getting cardiovascular diseases. 31 more words

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It’s almost summer, for some of us it is a time to show off our bods on the beach, for a lot of us it’s hiding it under a tee-shirt. 624 more words

How to Lose Fat around your belly

There are two varieties of abdominal fat: subcutaneous and visceral. Although one type of stomach fat is relatively harmless and mostly poses cosmetic concerns, one other type of belly fat is associated with adverse effects on a person’s wellbeing. 345 more words

Day 257 - Major Goal Achieved!!!

Remember when I talked about shrinking fat mass to 12 % and increasing body mass up to 50 %? Well… Check! 489 more words


Apakah Lemak Abdomen [Visceral Fat]?

Ermmm… sesuatu yang baru KakNgah belajar pada minggu lepas di Shaklee Head Office selepas bengkel yang KakNgah kongsikan pada post yang lalu. Sebenarnya selepas bengkel, kami yang hadir boleh… 853 more words

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Can't shift that visceral fat?

So we all know that when we gain a little bit of weight we get that muffin top or those unsightly love handles. Well this is known as visceral fat and it is stored around your internal organs in your stomach region. 436 more words