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Mićo Jovičić sentenced to 5 years in prison for Strpci kidnappings

Following the review and acceptance of the Guilty Plea Agreement in the case v. Mićo Jovičić, the Trial Panel of the Section I for War Crimes of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina handed down on 16 November 2016 the Verdict under which the Accused Mićo Jovičić is found guilty of the criminal offense of War Crimes against Civilians in violation of Article 142(1) as read with Article 22 of the Criminal Code of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (CC of SFRY) and sentenced to five (5) years in prison. 238 more words


Visegrad Memorial mentioned in James Waller's new book

American scholar James Waller recently published a new book titled Confronting Evil: Engaging Our Responsibility to Prevent Genocide (Oxford University Press, 2016). One part of his book is dedicated to the genocide memorial in Visegrad:

The Rise and Rise of Europe's Demagogues

With the West gripped by the outcome of the US presidential election, it is easy to be distracted from the emerging demagoguery much closer to our own shores. 1,508 more words

European Union

Georgia’s EU Aspirations and Potential Lessons from the “Big Bang” EU Enlargement

Hopes for Euro-Atlantic integration have been a constant theme running through Georgia’s foreign policy for decades. A strategically located nation in the former-Soviet region and praised for its democratic momentum in recent years, Georgia sees eventual membership of NATO and the EU as desirable goals for the country’s security, political stability and economic prosperity. 3,415 more words


The end of an “Ever Closer Union”: will national interests supersede core European principles in the EU?

Before the Brexit took place last June 23, David Cameron, then Prime Minister of the UK, travelled to Brussels in February 2016 with the sole objective of wrangling concessions from EU leaders. 2,272 more words


The legacy of Slovakia’s populist, pro-Russian Era: Lessons we can learn to improve EU solidarity today

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The European Union (EU) failed this week (October 20th) to impose economic sanctions on Russia in response to its involvement in the Syrian civil war and accusations of committing  2,600 more words


Krakow to Budapest: The Danube Bend

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Day 3 was relaxed. There was no rush with only a short distance to go before Budapest. 321 more words