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नास्तिकों के देवता पेरियार के अनुत्तरित प्रश्न और अनपढ़ विशुद्ध चैतन्य के उत्तर

Swami Ji – I saw one post on face book –

पेरियार नायकर के ईश्वर से सवाल

1) क्या तुम कायर हो जो हमेशा छिपे रहते हो,,, कभी किसी के सामने नहीं आते…??? 60 more words

संस्कृति व समाज

Powerful Voice

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”

-Malala Yousafzai

Midweek Motivation

Vishuddha - Speak & Listen

I was that girl in school who was always getting in trouble for talking to her neighbor. My report card showed good grades but there was always that note, “Dawn would do better if she could visit less with her class mates.” I can laugh about it now but it was a big issue when I was a kid. 328 more words


The Chakras

Next up, everyone, is the chakras. The chakras represent our energy systems. Those are located up and down in our bodies and in our nervous system. 584 more words


Stream of thought

The stream of thought flows in a spiral. It has no beginning or end. Within that stream, a thought is like a particle.

Entering this stream can be chaotic, turbulent, a wild ride! 240 more words

Training The Trainer