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I Speak My Truth; Fifth Chakra AKA Vishuddha

I Speak My Truth; Fifth Chakra AKA Vishuddha

The Fifth Chakra AKA ‘Vishuddha’, which means “pure” or “purification.”” Is located in the throat area. “The god of vishuddha is Lord Radhe Krishna Vishuddha or Vishuddhi, or throat chakra is the fifth primary chakra according to the Hindu tradition of Tantra.” This Chakra is the center of communication, speaking, “self-expression,” “creativity,” “communication,” and “your truth.” 278 more words


the one with all the resolutions

now that new year’s eve and the first day (and the first working day) of the new year are over and the super moon’s here to encourage us, it might be the right time to talk about new year’s resolutions. 143 more words


“Being yourself can be a revolutionary act.”

-Luvvie Ajayi

Midweek Motivation

Vishuddha - The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is a very important chakra. It represents speaking our truth.

Sometimes in life it is hard to understand and know what our divine purpose is. 464 more words

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