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On Being Autistic In Academia

In this guest blog post, Stella S. (a pseudonym) shares her experiences as an autistic academic, and offers advice for other autistic scholars (and everyone else) on communication, networking, and navigating academia while being visibly different. 1,445 more words

Graduate School

Visibility: Emblem

My emblem for visibility is a pair of glasses.

I have used glasses since I was seven years old. I distinctively remember the first time my eyes failed me. 259 more words


Visibility: Analogy

A practice that reminds me of visibility is psychology.

Psychologists often spend their time listening to their patients. These patients in turn have to summon an image of their problem or dilemma and recreate such image in words to the psychiatrist.  63 more words


Visibility: A Graphic Outlook

What struck me graphically in this visibility E-Lit was the harmony between balance and rhythm. These two characteristics of design were prevalent throughout all five stories. 124 more words


Visibility: E-Lit Example

I chose “Flight Paths” by Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph as my visibility E-Lit. This E-Lit is a series of images that retell the stories of immigrants trying to escape Pakistan; the images are simple by themselves, but the authors include text that give life to the images. 125 more words


Calvino's Visibility

In his fourth memo, Calvino states the importance of visibility. He argues that words are losing their value due to the exponential growth of technology that allows the mass reproduction of predetermined images. 164 more words



The first thing that came to mind when reading about Visibility in Calvino’s book was the Rorschach inkblot test. This is a psychological test that analyzes subject’s perceptions of inkblots using psychological interpretation and complex algorithms. 60 more words