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Where are the nudists? Increasing the visibility of naturists

Nude people are coming out of the woodwork. Or so it has seemed to me over the last couple of months as I have started to blog about nudism. 360 more words



The Alpha’s Dream is officially released and if you haven’t gotten it already, then what are you waiting for?!?

I’m still not over the excitement of my first official release. 558 more words


How buying behavior has changed over the past 25 years

eCommerce is not a new word, it’s been around since the early days of the internet some 25 years back.  But what “has” changed in more recent years is the power shift towards the individual and the rise of the MEconomy. 30 more words

The MEconomy

Books by people of color: A rec list

In early 2016 I realized that the overwhelming majority of books I had read were written by white authors. It was one of those “duh” moments that formulated my privileged-white-person-becoming-aware-of-pervasive-systemic-racism process.   1,963 more words

On Trans People and Roller Coasters

I always find it awkward when I notice other transgender people in public. I never know what to say or how to act. My first instinct is to react the same way I would on a roller coaster when you pass another ride vehicle. 646 more words


SEO tips to increase your brand visibility

SEO is combination of techniques to increase your website ranking in search engines. It is more important these days and is a core part of marketing today. 314 more words


#RedMyLips: Interview with Celetia Reinders

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to be introduced to the #RedMyLips campaign by a friend, colleague and a truly inspirational woman, Celetia Reinders. She is also one of my fellow Book Club members and we all read a book called… 1,304 more words