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Existential dilemmas never come at the right time do they. Neither do they come with any great pronouncements, and for me they take me right to  the edge of giving up. 425 more words


The Need for a Security Delivery Platform

In April of 2016, I gave a talk to the ISC2 chapter in Dallas/Fort Worth, they were nice enough to record it for me.


Convert all Grids to 2D

To accomplish this the 2D extents of the grid lines need to move, not the 3D extents, because if the 3D extents are moved then the grid lines disappear in the plan views. 144 more words


I’ve hurt my ankle.  It is very obvious that I’ve got a physical difficulty, because I’m wearing a whopping great big bandage and limping.  It’s also obvious without the bandage (see below if you’re not squeamish).  423 more words


Make Peace

In the cave is nice,

it’s comfortable, not

as stressed as out where the

lions, tigers (saber-toothed!)

& other clawed, flawed

creatures roam. 109 more words

The Last Poppy

The heart is in the breast

of a beauty.

A flower blooms amid

all who have finally

given up the ghost.

The last

sucking out all the… 55 more words


Reading a very stimulating book.

Scrambling my brain.

I’m open.  Open to knowing

whatever’s out there.

I still protect my space.

Maybe not even enough… 101 more words