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The Trouble with Druids

I was thinking, at Druid Camp, that my initial impression of druids was not favourable.

I grew up a half hour bus journey from Avebury. When I was 18 I spent each of the 8 neo-pagan Festivals camping in Avebury. 853 more words


Wellness is Life's Medicine

We should talk about balance. Far too often I hear people say they are healthy because they eat healthy or unhealthy because they do not eat well enough. 223 more words

Hashtags on Wattpad - Six Tips - Guest Post by @AtomicNicky

Hashtags on Wattpad – Six Tips

by @AtomicNicky

Hashtags on Wattpad can be a tricky affair. In short, hashtags categorize and index your stories, allowing them to be searchable and help readers find your book. 1,367 more words

Writing Tips & Prompts

Astro : Where to look for śukla and kRSNa pakSa candra and When.

What follows is a general idea of when you can see which phase of the moon and in which direction, (@bengaLuru, 12.97 deg N)

The full moon can be seen from Sunset to Sunrise. 306 more words

Satya Sarada Kandula

Hiding or Ignored?

There have been a few articles of late about the under-diagnosis of women with autism.

I’ve spent a lot of time nodding along. After-all, I’m late-diagnosed. 426 more words


Commentary from @bass on r/gaysian:A new ad in the Philippines...

Commentary from @bass on r/gaysian:

new ad in the Philippines is getting a lot of buzz for what is
considered an unusual and brave move for a major telco brand in a…

105 more words

What Am I Supposed To Say?

Picture the scene. I’m on the bus with Eden. She’s doing her usual chattering at people, smiling and generally being cute. Someone gets into conversation with us and is asking questions about her. 228 more words