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A New Day

I would like to awaken

to a NEW tomorrow

not like my usual

ones but (to) something

exciting, fulfilling,


I always debate–should

it be easy & effortless… 95 more words


I feel I’m going through a

major re-learning phase.

How to be human.  How to

be an emotional human being

instead of a “mental” robotic… 115 more words

A Rainbow

Stalking a rainbow.

I can almost–

almost, touch it.

But it seems–well,

beyond my reach.

I never was taught

how to go about it–

cornering and capturing… 70 more words

Brand+ Platform = Successful Marketing

Two things (besides great writing) make an author appealing to agents, editors, publishers, and readers: Brand and Platform.

Differentiating one author from another, they make them visible on all of their communication channels. 215 more words

Book, Writing

Seeming Autistic?

“But you don’t seem autistic!”

It was a statistics professor who first said those words to me, after she was being inappropriately pushy about wanting to know exactly why I had disability-related accommodations.   388 more words

Building Global Visibility

Communications teams are increasingly pressured to own their brand’s earned media space beyond their borders to keep up with – and stand uniquely apart from – their competitors. 391 more words


Notices and Signages – More than meets the eye

A beautiful name board with logo on the façade of a store, a restaurant or even an office is the first to catch an eye and make an impression. 440 more words