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Out to See

The sun has risen

but I don’t see it.

I know it’s there

shrouded in clouded


It’s warming my

day lighting my


Healing all sickness… 44 more words

Battling Foggy Windows

Cold mornings are notorious for creating foggy windows. During the winter dirty streaks form on the windshield from mittens attempting to give relief to the squinting driver, but instead leave behind more debris that attracts and adheres the accumulation of fog. 540 more words

On What a Trump Presidency Means for LGBTQ+ Folks

Last week Donald Trump became the president elect of the United States. For many minority groups, his presidency may cause the loss of rights, discrimination, and just fear of the unknown. 265 more words


I have so much within me


It’s in there

waiting to be

processed through

my pen

as it steps up

to the page.

See me, it says. 52 more words

T.I.s Political Views Inspires @DNE_Vito to Take a Stand with New Video |Repentance|

After T.I. blasted Wayne for talking down on Black Lives Matter, I’m sure a lot of entertainers are choosing their words wisely on the subject. Some have voiced their opinion but none have taken a stand as radical as T.I. 158 more words



I like surprises.

My path is strewn

with lots of good


Like collecting flowers

along the way.

Oh! look what’s

blooming now!

Little red trumpets… 46 more words