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Personal Branding: Its Essential

Answer quickly: What does Gary V have that you probably don’t have?

Nope. It’s not hustle, a ridiculous work ethic, or a million dollars.

It’s a personal brand. 704 more words

How to Make a Blogger Happy

Well, it is very simple!

Let the blogger know his or her blog is seen and read. In other terms, click like, share, or leave a comment. 86 more words

Daily Grievance And Fun


This article was published by PETRIe at http://www.petrieinventory.com/hot-dudes-reading-the-dark-side-of-empowerment

Among the many victories of successive waves of Western feminism, freedom holds a high position. For women, the freedom to publicly express their genuine, anti-normative thoughts, manifest their emotions, and define the shape and nature of their own being in the world is a rather new reality, still met with resistance in many societies today. 618 more words

PETRIe Inventory

Easter - Spring or Winter

As Easter falls in mid-April this year, one would presume it would be a spring day: sunny, warm, and uplifting.

Would you not know? I behold a beautiful snow fall, the kind of snow fall we would get on Christmas Eve and marvel at how beautiful winter can be.

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Cull that cone! Improved cone/spotlight visibility tests for tiled and clustered lighting

In this blog post, I will present some common spotlight culling techniques and propose one small improvement that is able to correct results of cheap, tiled / clustered culling on the CPU/GPU with almost negligible ALU cost. 2,248 more words

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Your Community is Vital to Your Success

Being well-connected to your community is vital to your business’ success. And I’m not just talking about your community of customers and followers – I’m talking about the actual city or town that you live in. 726 more words

Coming Up

Pulling out of a

downward spiral

I come up for air

to once again


the light of day

the breath of life

of looking forward… 14 more words