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How to get a lot in a little?

A seed, an egg can do it.

They might have to look at

their watch a while… 68 more words

Random Thoughts

Do you ever wonder…

what you would


if you


not blog

did not ‘gram

did not facebook?

What if…


your stream

of conscious, 50 more words


Stop defending the indefensible

Dear President Trump,

You are certainly getting a crash course on the myriad ways that patriarchy and misogyny play out in the lives of women and men, and sadly, infuriatingly, you are failing miserably. 459 more words


Moving On

Kids move on easily.

They outgrow

their lessons, clothes

games quickly, visibly.

You don’t know who

they are if you spend

much time away from them. 91 more words

Enter The Clear Plastic Car

I’m sure it must be possible to make a car with a plastic body now. A clear plastic body that is flexible and bouncy. One that springs away from bumps and does not rust. 223 more words

Man Talk