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Creating beauty

The last month or so have been as full of as much ups and downs as the weather.  My dad passed away about a month ago after first a gradual and then steep decline due to Alzheimer’s. 252 more words


Time always moves forward

Time always moves forward


There’s memory of time
With gaps and eddys
Where thoughts get stuck, freeze, unstick,
Freeze again

Much effort taken to unspool and release. 252 more words


Things to do on a winter night

January used to be a month of hunkering in and sleeping off the holidays. No more. Besides making hats and working on my classes, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and about.   636 more words


Snowbound: Housebound II

We had a real snow downpour (snowpour?) here in Portland this past week – 12” at our house. This is fairly unusual and the city, as usual, is caught worse for wear.  431 more words

Visible Monday

Bringing back the light 2016 version

A bit of respite. A few hours caught in reverie this thawing December day.

I am in the thick of bringing back the light as we head towards the shortest day of the year (Dec. 400 more words


Unabashedly floral

In the midst of all the national political swirling, I’ve been engaged with flowers. An imminently satisfying activity — flowers don’t talk back!  Last week I was part of the Lan Su Gardens Autumn Moon celebration and this week I was back doing a floral demonstration.  512 more words


Here we go again

And the season’s they go round and round

Posting took a breather for awhile. Did you miss me?

It’s almost November. It is November in New Zealand and Australia where friends Grace and Cimi live.  209 more words

Visible Monday