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May I ? Why not.

Sometimes it feels like a whirlwind in here and the house looks like a tornado hit. Today the hammers are quiet but there’s been a load of activity from vent installation to plumbing to more framing.  376 more words


May days

What I did on three glorious days of May:

Danced the sun up with my dance team. We are the ones in red. And we did indeed get up before dawn. 110 more words



Practicing a bit of sunshine today

Besides poetry, I am preparing for a dessert pop-up restaurant next week. As a result I’ve been getting my recipes ready. 99 more words


Ladies who launch - Monday edition

Connecting with the style community in Mz Patti’s Monday madness here at Visible Monday. 

A ladies who lunch look transmuted into ladies that launch.  Got inspired by a friend who has committed to 365 creative acts, one a day for a year.  48 more words


Black and white and thrift all over

Spring green and other lovely colors are blooming all over.  The flowering plum  behind me is just some of what is bursting forth. Gone is the greyed overlay on the world.  138 more words


Cabin Fever

It’s cold in the midwest.  If my blood hadn’t thinned from thirty years in a moderate climate I could perhaps tolerate it a bit better.  Too cold to do much outside, hot and dry inside — it’s cabin fever time. 437 more words

Visible Monday

The last whisper of uncommon time

It’s a Monday and the holiday season has absolutely ended in our house. The tree has been de-ornamented, flowers and dry branches have been discarded. and lights taken down except a few in the front of the house. 290 more words

Visible Monday