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April in Paris

You might say I’m a little obsessed with Paris. Not that I’ve ever been to the City of Love, a place that conjures up romance in my imagination and evokes feelings of passion in my heart. 476 more words


Time Marches

And it’s getting on March already.  March madness in basketball. The march of the daffodils all over my neighborhood.  And always, the march of time.  I’ve been spending this past week in the time warp of my childhood home, helping my mom sort out some of my dad’s things.  201 more words


Sailor Stripes

Stripes have a nautical summery look and remind me of a cute sailor outfit I had when I was a little girl. I bought this top with stripes while in New York City at Anthropologie. 207 more words


Innovation or Creation?

I just got through reading a book on creativity which disappointed me as it seemed more focused on innovation rather than plumbing what makes people creative.  333 more words


Summer breezes, garage sales and the arrow of time

I must say this every other week…. where does the time go.  And this summer is not exception what with the travel and the guests and the events. 147 more words

Visible Monday

Hat Wave/Heat Wave

It’s hotter than Hooter in Heater!

An old line I recollect (from Firesign Theater for those of you that might care and be old enough to remember) whenever the weather gets hot.  415 more words


Time Warp

Why, or perhaps how, is it July already?  I find that the time speeds up in about June and before I know it, summer has ended and it’s December.  416 more words

Visible Monday