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Unabashedly floral

In the midst of all the national political swirling, I’ve been engaged with flowers. An imminently satisfying activity — flowers don’t talk back!  Last week I was part of the Lan Su Gardens Autumn Moon celebration and this week I was back doing a floral demonstration.  512 more words


Here we go again

And the season’s they go round and round

Posting took a breather for awhile. Did you miss me?

It’s almost November. It is November in New Zealand and Australia where friends Grace and Cimi live.  209 more words

Visible Monday

Finding My Style - Part 2

A few posts ago, I talked about how thrifting my clothing has led me to certain designers and brands.  Another brand that I have picked up over and over has been Cable & Gauge. 214 more words


Finding My Style Through Thrifting

I began buying my clothing at thrift shops out of necessity — needing something to wear while losing weight. This outfit is thrifted “neck to ankle”. 342 more words


White for Summer

Just a short outfit post today. I went out to a casual dinner with some friends, but wanted to “dress up” a little, so this was my first opportunity to wear a Ruby Rd. 145 more words


And the flowers held a party

And they invited me for mother’s day!

Having an involuntarily retired spouse is good for the garden. The unseasonable warmth has me a bit worried (will there be anything left by July?), the garden does look awesome. 39 more words



I’ve not been writing much in any form these past few months.  There’s been much ado in my household (my dear sweetheart was involuntarily “retired” just before the holidays) and I think the left side of my brain has taken up the whole residence of my mind…. 333 more words