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The Big Wrongs

When it comes to formal dressing, tiny mistakes can lead to big wrongs. On most occasions, we don’t even notice the mistake on us but everyone around us has surely noticed it. 191 more words


Visible Panty Line. The VPL is the unsightly line, artificially created by tight underwear that marks the end of your ass, and the start of your thigh. 19 more words



Watching two talking heads in the middle of the afternoon, talk talk talk …… blah blah blah, the country down the drain, the country shining brighter than the summer sun, I don’t have any electricity, Yes you do, you just don’t know it yet, can’t you see the poles, the transmission lines………..soporific….. 366 more words

VPL's Have Reached Epidemic Proportions.

I won’t assume that everyone knows exactly what I mean by VPL, I’m not saying I don’t think my readers are all highly intelligent, but this isn’t jargon that everyone is aware of.   478 more words