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VPL: The Modern Dilemma and How to Deal

Visible panty lines, also known as VPL, are the worst. For those that don’t know, VPL is when you can see the lines of your panties through your pants, skirts, etc. 371 more words


Dropping the "G"

Walking to work every morning I like to ‘people watch’ (yes I like to check out what other people look like, how they walk, and I try to guess their mood). 288 more words

Modern Living

A Thing for Thongs: The top five thongs that will eliminate visible panty lines and help you avoid flashing the paparazzi at a major movie premiere.

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about what happened to Anne Hathaway at the world premiere of Les Miserables in New York City last month. Anne’s stylist put together a very edgy all-black look, perhaps inspired by her recent turn as Catwoman in “Batman Rises,” which included dominatrix-style, high-heeled shoes peeking out of a sexy slit in her long dress. 726 more words

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Spanx A Billion!

Ladies, do you wear bodysuits? If I had the heightened senses of a vampire I’d probably be able to comprehend your hushed whispers or read your minds. 816 more words

Dress Me

All Lined Up

One of the things that truly bother me in this world might seem slight to you and not worthy to have an entire post dedicated to it but it irks me to no end and that thing is Visible Panty Lines or VPL for short. 347 more words

Mantie Lines Form to the Left (and Right)

Do you ever wish that there were things that you could “unsee”?

Like the diaper blow out after your baby starts eating solid food. You know the ones. 752 more words

Pet Peeves

New underwear for my blog

You might have noticed a slight change on this here blog.  I changed the theme, because somehow it got all whacked out and when I contacted WordPress with a “Help! 289 more words

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