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Visio Insights is Back!

Microsoft have just announced that they are re-starting their Visio Insights blog …. after 4 years! See https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/visio/2016/06/28/visio-insights-is-back/ .

We have missed it!


Understanding Visio's Glue to Shape vs Glue to Connection Point

In this post, I am going to explain how to connect Visio shapes. You can connect to the shape or to its connection point.


Autosave in Visio

Applies To: Microsoft Visio

Did you know that unlike EVERY OTHER Microsoft Office program, Visio does NOT have autosaving turned on by default? If so, you probably found out the hard way like me. 275 more words

Protecting Shapes from Themes in Visio 2013+

There is a vast community of Visio users out there, and some clever people produce stencils for others to use. These are a tremendous resource for other Visio users, especially if they are free. 408 more words


Why Analytics Projects Fail - #9: Bad Data

In my experience, most of the time analytics projects fail its generally traceable back to a purely human problem. However, sometimes you see things fall apart because of technology, the misuse of technology and/or just bad technology. 393 more words

Dan Meyer

MS TechNet UK blog : A history of messaging and encryption

This is just a quick note to say that I have just had a blog post published on a Microsoft web-site. It is a very selective history of messaging and encryption, using Visio SmartShapes to demonstrate some aspects of this : 21 more words


Visio Stencil for Skype for Business Add-On Products 2016

What do you call the collection of all the add-on items one can add to a Skype for Business solution?

Additive? Add-On? Supplement? Additions? I prefer bells and whistles, its descriptive and yet so elusive. 189 more words