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Visio Stencil for Skype for Business Add-On Products 2016

What do you call the collection of all the add-on items one can add to a Skype for Business solution?

Additive? Add-On? Supplement? Additions? I prefer bells and whistles, its descriptive and yet so elusive. 189 more words

Microsoft Visio Support Lifecycle 2016

Now that Microsoft Visio 2016 is firmly into rapid updates, especially with Visio Pro for Office365, I thought it would be useful to update a diagram of mine that shows the Microsoft Support Lifecycle for Visio. 60 more words


Three short Visio 2016 video tutorials

I recently created three short videos for Microsoft about the most popular uses of Visio, and utilizing some of the latest features:


Visio, a flyby for developers

I would like to draw everyone’s attention to a two part Visio developer video series by my good friend and fellow Visio MVP, John Goldsmith. Goto… 37 more words


ASCII Flowcharts

You can generate this:

From this:

But create it visually, by using this (http://asciiflow.com):

The Java based tool that generates the bitmap image from the ASCII graph is called DITAA (DIagrams Through Ascii Art) ( 78 more words


Open Shape Surgery for the Visio Developer

One of the first gotchas for new Visio developers is the UnGroup command.

Visio shapes are simple, they can have one colour and one line type. 302 more words


Getting better value from your process diagrams with Visio 2016

I will be presenting a one-hour webinar today at 1pm UK time entitled, Getting better value from your process diagrams with Visio 2016.

Process flow diagrams are amongst the most popular diagram types in Visio, but many users do not know some of the tips, tricks and techniques for getting the best out of Visio, in terms of productivity and efficiency. 23 more words