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Learning the A, B, See's of Infant Vision Development

No one would argue that, for the new parent staring into the face of their tiny creation, it is love at first sight.  But for that squirmy bundle of joy peering back up at them, their perspective offers only a fuzzy outline of Mommy or Daddy. 464 more words

Vision Development

As you can read in my vision I think society nowadays is becoming more and more focused on individuality and sustainability. And in my opinion design nowadays should improve that society. 224 more words

What Screen Time and Screen Media Do To Your Child’s Brain and Sensory Processing Ability

Q&A regarding screen time, vision and development.

– Can looking at screens too much cause damage to kids’ eyes?

            The short answer is, yes!  Because our visual system is biologically designed for distance vision, near vision is only a focusing reflex that helps us identify objects closely.  714 more words

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