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‘Understanding the Lives of Older People with Vision Impairment’ (VI).

A blog for the small event held at the Thomas Pocklington Trust on May 9th 2017 and co-funded by the BSG.

Sight loss affects people of all ages but is more prevalent with increasing… 1,246 more words


Blind Photography Workshop in Dublin

I´m working for a Berlin-based project called Photo Narrations – Pictures for the Blind and Sighted. We organise photography workshops for people with vision impairments. The idea developed when photographer Karsten Hein was taking photos of people with sight loss for one of his exhibitions. 862 more words


My Life Through the Looking Glass

Written by Blake Martin, double bassist, as part of C Natural’s Breaking the Silence series.

I have retinoschisis.

It is a form of macular degeneration which usually goes unnoticed until one reaches their 70s or 80s. 1,460 more words

Musicians' Health

When you're teaching at a medical conference, listen to your audience!

After the UMDF conference last year, I thought about all the people I saw with a vision impairment. How could I help? I submitted a proposal for a workshop addressing the needs of people coping with vision loss and their loved ones. 725 more words


It was 1981, or so I think, when I was about eight. Mom and three of
my siblings were returning from a visit to our grandparent’s house, 529 more words


Testing a website for accessibility

The following article looks at testing a websites accessibility by utilising online accessibility evaluation tools. For the sake of this exercise, a simple website has been created with HTML & CSS components. 482 more words


Blind Girl: A Day in the Life

So it’s been a little while since our last episode—would you believe I haven’t had a dumb blind moment in all that time? Never fear, however, I’ve pulled something out of the vault and dusted it off purely for your enjoyment. 385 more words