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Blind Girl: A Day in the Life

So it’s been a little while since our last episode—would you believe I haven’t had a dumb blind moment in all that time? Never fear, however, I’ve pulled something out of the vault and dusted it off purely for your enjoyment. 385 more words

The socialite in the wallflower's body: 10 Tips for socialising with someone who is hearing-impaired

So the other day I went to yet another party where I was unable to interact. Not only was I extremely bored but I also felt like a bit of a moron and, if I’m honest, a loser. 790 more words

Could Your Child's Lack Of Eye Contact Be More Than Just Autism?

My son has autism spectrum disorder. That no doubt explains a lot about the picture of him above. Lack of eye contact is considered a classic sign of autism and it was indeed one of the first signs picked up in Isaac from a very young age. 545 more words


Please Sign Petition. Tell Congress: Save the sight of millions of Americans who need it the most

Tell Congress: Save the sight of millions of Americans who need it the most

Make eye care a priority. Save the sight of millions of Americans. 552 more words

Human Rights

Walking through the open doors...an update on Grady.

My heart rate rose as I scanned the typed print and realized I had no idea what to put down for most of the answers. “Get this right or his future is at stake!” I thought to myself. 621 more words


How big of a healthcare problem is vision impairment?

Refers to: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/02/160217113308.htm

Short answer: Myopia is becoming a bigger issue but situation’s nowhere as alarmist as these headlines suggest.Too bad, Science Daily sensationally highlighted these projected numbers without critically examining how they were generated. 641 more words


Saskatoon Police Service looks past the misconceptions of the working blind

It’s a disappointing reality; CNIB statistics show those who are blind or partially-sighted trend towards unemployment in Canada.

Currently employment rates among those with vision loss are at 38 per cent, compared to 73 per cent for people without a disability. 379 more words