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Not Perfect But Still Beautiful

Today I took my toddler to the ophthalmologist which is an annual dreaded appointment. I am diagnosed with Retinitis pigmentosa which is said to be a genetic eye condition. 598 more words


So What Can You See Anyway?

For my first blog post ever, I decided to discuss this ever so inquisitive yet difficult to really answer question – So what can you see anyway? 344 more words


Fantastic Apps for the Vision Impaired.

Thomas was given an IPad for his first birthday. We were very grateful that family pitched in to help with this very expensive piece of equipment. 259 more words

That pink paint!

Hey everyone get comfy and have a read!

So you may be thinking what has pink paint have to do with anything well wait an you will see. 382 more words

Less Screen, More Green

As we all know, spending long hours in front of electronic devices is not a healthy habit for our eyes. This is no exception when it comes to your child. 288 more words


5 Superfoods that are Good for the Eyes!

As mentioned in the previous blog ‘Your Child’s Diet Can Affect Their Vision’, there are several kinds of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that can help improve and prevent the eyesight from deteriorating. 66 more words

The Great Golf Cart Caper

I live in a unique community that has golf cart paths all throughout the city. We moved here specifically for this reason. After I lost my driver’s license due to my vision impairment, my husband and I discovered Peachtree City, Georgia where there are over 100 miles of scenic cart/biking paths connecting the city.  581 more words

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