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Choice is one of the greatest powers we have. The choice we make as to what we eat and how much we exercise will have a determination as to how healthy we will be. 381 more words

5 leadership skills you can learn from indie filmmakers.

Everyone loves watching movies, but have you ever considered how great filmmakers get their start? Like every other business, the film production world has its wild dreamers who defy the odds to prove themselves worthy among the masters of their craft. 980 more words

Low Aspirations Lead to a Low Life!

It is easy to find too many people complaining about a lack of resources, lack of opportunities to make money and become rich in life. Folks like that are always looking for help outside of themselves. 568 more words


vision and common part

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“​Sometimes the people with the worst pasts end up creating the best futures.”



  1. Viene a mi mente el coro de una canción que comienza con “El ciego vió”. Aunque no es lo mismo ver, vista y visión, todas están entrelazadas.
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Beyond Eyes: Navigation and Vision

I don’t normally buy the Humble Monthly crate thing – I like to know what I’m buying before I buy it. That said, last month they had  1,238 more words

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