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Do view-invariant brain representations of actions arise within 200 ms of viewing?

Humans can rapidly visually recognise the actions people around them are engaged in and this ability is important for successful action and social interaction. Isik et al. 3,077 more words

Wise words from the Wife

A little something the wife told me:

“How we walk with the Broken SPEAKS louder than how we sit with the Great”

Soak it in!


Ocean Vision

Image source

Transparent torquoise greens

With unadulterated translucent sapphire blues

Dream me, an ocean picture

Tinged with deep lavender purples

In the midnight quiet

Under a single moonbeam hue


30 Day Challenge Day Fourteen: Seven Years Later

30 Day Writing Challenge

Day Fourteen: Your Life In Seven Years

The topic of today’s writing prompt is one that I contemplate with increasing frequency. From the day I found out I was pregnant, the happiness and well-being of my child have been my priority. 286 more words


On anger…(Pt.2)

When it comes to dealing with anger, I’m the last person to really ask about it, mostly because I’m the first to fuss & grunt when things don’t work. 305 more words



Whats going on, Team?

This week, I spoke to an individual on my radio show about the concept of “Pride”.  When the word “pride” is uttered it brings up a wide variety of images, contexts, and emotions.   277 more words