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Short Film Saturday: Prologue from Visions of Europe

One recent tradition I have unintentionally started is that I will kick-off a new theme or series through Short Film Saturday. It makes sense since… 168 more words

Short Film Saturday



Visions Of Europe / Varios cineastas / Europa / 2004

 La premisa es sencilla, 25 cortometrajes dirigidos por 25 cineastas europeos (cada uno representando a los 25 estados que componen la Unión Europea); tendrían un presupuesto limitado (el mismo para cada uno), una duración máxima de 5 minutos y la consigna de mostrar un instante de la realidad actual o futura de la supuestamente unificada Europa. 154 more words

The idea of the Core: The dialectics of History and Space', in: The European Union and the Agenda of 1996, editors: Geoffrey Edwards, Alfred Pijpers, Pinter, London. (1997).

Once Europe’s division came to an end, it was clear to me that the only way of fashioning a viable European polity  was eclecticism, contained by a common duty of European governments to co-operate on a multitude of things, but not to be shepharded into an unsustainable, and ahistorical, union conceived of as an enlarged nation state. 15,243 more words


Anthology Short Films

Anthology Short Films: A Project With Hunter Hollis
This is one half of a two-part project, for further information and the second half please visit… 1,239 more words

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Visions of Europe

Visions of Europe was an opportunity for 25 respected directors to document and present their visions of the 25 countries of of the European Union throughout the medium of film – short film.   1,081 more words


Visions of Europe: 25 Films, 25 Directors (2004)

An anthology film is a collection of short film projects by different directors for a common aim. Usually they are unified by a common theme – in this case, the European Union. 479 more words

Anthology Films

Invisible State

Invisible State is a short Irish film directed by Aisling Walsh for the DVD anthology collection Visions of Europe which was made in 2004 for the European Union. 349 more words