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The Ghost of Natalie Edwards

If you haven’t done so yet, please read Tunnel Vision before continuing here.

“I was against Ellis informing you this way, dear Brian, but he was insistant.

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Short Story

Notes on the Book of Revelation: Chapter 11, Part 2

Two Olive Trees (Thassos Greece)

v. 4: Who or what are the two olive trees?  Zechariah asks an angel a similar question in Zechariah 4:11:  “What are these two olive trees?”  I have no doubt that the two olive trees here and in Zechariah are linked somehow.  347 more words

Larry Hunt Bible Commentary

What does a Vision, Judgments, and Healed Relationships have in common?

I watched as what looked like a very thick laser beam of red-ish light came out of the man’s left eye and slowly made its way towards me. 1,313 more words


Your Voice of Greatness

In one of his talks, the great motivational speaker Les Brown narrated how, after a session he had with some kids, he received a letter from this young lady and she wrote: “ 712 more words



Using the imagination is encouraged in kids yet frowned upon in adults as a childish endeavour. Why is this? The act of using one’s mind to come up with new and unique ways of thinking or ideas is at the very foundation of a better life. 279 more words

Self Help

Expectation is a whore

When you expect something , you are on needles. This should be this day, this week, this year, and still is not there. You send apply for job and nobody respond you? 378 more words


Did God ask me to LIE?

My visa was up, I had until the 30th of the month to leave the country, and it was the 30th.

I had just enough money to get to the border (only had a few coins left after I paid the taxi). 751 more words