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Composite Beings

A number of years ago in the 1980s the term “walk-in” gained popularity especially with new age thinkers. Ruth Montgomery first coined it in a book published in 1979: … 455 more words


Jesus, Crowned with Many Crowns

Sweet visitations of the Holy Spirit came to me early in 2015, and I want to tell you about one vision I experienced the morning of March 18, 2015. 619 more words

Holy Spirit

There were shamans!

As I was coming out of the anesthesia and staff tried to wake me up, I got a glimpse of them.  Not like a dream.  More like looking into a crystal ball.  82 more words


Have you ever tried to figure out a problem but it seems the more you think about it the more confused you get? There are some things in life that are just complicated and sometimes it takes someone explaining it for it to really makes sense. 271 more words

Planned Cities are vastly better than unplanned cities. The Joy of Columbia Maryland, Almaden and Scotia, CA and Reston, VA

I have had the joy of living in Columbia, Maryland and Almaden, California. I worked in Reston, Virginia and have visited Scotia, California.

Columbia is an example of a truly outstanding design. 764 more words

MONTH REVIEW : April, 2018

April still has not ended, and yet there has been a lot of things going on in this month of Spring. Quoting T.S. Eliot, who insisted that April is the cruelest month. 401 more words


Attacked by a turkey!

As some readers of this blog know I like to take pictures, having taken pictures for the past twenty years or so. Just being in the natural world and seeing animals in the wild is really incredible, especially when one lives in a city like I do. 652 more words