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Belief And What We Put Our Faith In - A Reprise

I believe that skydiving is safe. However, you aren’t going to see me getting into a plane with one of those flimsy parachute contraptions strapped to… 687 more words

Christian Walk

Gold coins

Once I had my fortune read

By an ancient Roma gypsy

Deep in the black forest

One sunny autumn afternoon

Sitting outside her caravan… 90 more words

The Chronicles Of Pick

As the Mirror Lays Shattered, Let Saginaw Burn: The Prettiest Woman I have Never Known Part IV ~ 13 March 2017



Briefly saw the Damn Pretty One, about seven months pregnant…


…Then I was sitting with her by a fire,

no shoes on her feet in the cold air, 216 more words


In the Wall

I can see you.

I look through the cracks.

They let the light in,

and I see you,

framed in their non-symmetry.

The shards of blue sky… 70 more words

Arqueologías del futuro

Para Héctor y Gloria, con afecto

Se acerca el fin del siglo y las predicciones ominosas son el tema de cada velada en Ciudad Pacifico (y no ciudad González, como pretendía el depuesto presidente). 1,154 more words


My Soul into Her Womb: The Prettiest Woman I have Never Known Part III ~ 10 March 2017



as I gazed unbelievingly,

“…it must be….” She of Cobalt Eyes had said,

then she pointed behind me.

I turned and was standing on the dance practice floor… 141 more words