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Head to head

Illustration by Stephen Collins

by Jacob Burak

(Jacob Burak is the founder of Alaxon, a digital magazine about culture, art and popular science, where he writes regularly. 773 more words


Making Friends with Mess

Confessions of a Buddhist clutterer

by Joan Duncan Oliver

There’s an elephant in my living room: a pachyderm-sized heap of banker’s boxes, research folders, three-ring binders, clothes, shopping bags, books, books, books and a thousand etceteras that have steadily accumulated until the space looks like the Fresh Kills garbage dump—minus the old cars. 934 more words


Many of Buddhism’s core tenets significantly overlap with findings from modern neurology and neuroscience. So how did Buddhism come close to getting the brain right?

by Marcie Gainer

David Weisman analyzes the intersection of Buddhism and neuroscience over at Seed Magazine:

Over the last few decades many Buddhists and quite a few neuroscientists have examined Buddhism and neuroscience, with both groups reporting overlap. 527 more words


Demonocracy: $1 Trillion & US Debt in Physical $100 bills

by Marcie Gainer

The faith and value of the US Dollar rests on the Government’s ability to repay its debt.

“The money in the video has already been spent.” 22 more words


Tanka - Dreams (5)

Tanka – Dreams (5)

I do not reveal

Dreams kept only for myself

The tide tugs unseen

Like a mirror crystal still

Longing for visions that surge

© Ann Bagnall and AnnieB222.com, 2015



Had this weird dream last night. I dreamt of you and our children. They’re two. Haha. Our oldest is one pretty little girl and the youngest is a charming cute boy. 41 more words


EDEN (2)

GIDEON BEING Elder and shaman both, it should have been he who ate of the Fruit that night, at the Second Feasting. But this could not be; for Gideon and I shared a secret from the rest of the Seventh Tribe. 1,286 more words

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