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Vision of Mike

Below is portion of a story being created from the prophetic visions of Me: The author…

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Dana On Love

surreality #6

unicorn costume checked at the door, she
leaned back in a pioneer-themed lazygirl, propped up her
snugly wool-wrapped feetsies, socks re-
moved by the whimsical nudge of either big toe and she… 564 more words


Water Warriors

a sonnet by Thomas Davis

They danced, and then they sang, and on the plains
The winter came as men with guns and eyes,
That hated who they were, looked half insane… 90 more words


An Angel's Wing

Visions ethereal softly rest

on an Angel’s wing

Waiting to take flight

(c) 2015 s l jennings

surreality #5.5

whoa, all right,
yes !

energy up
living  love in the
heart of this B38 bus trip to
cash assistance and the
building will be all… 491 more words