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Phantasmagoric Love


Out your mouth
come butterflies

fluttering all around the flowers

in the sunlight
Out of your nose
arises the scent of roses

a narcotic to the senses… 78 more words

Animal & Landscape Photographs

Thoughts on Bankruptcy by Voltaire

Robert Couse-Baker (CC BY 2.0)

By Marcie Gainer

Excerpted from Voltaire’s Philosophical Dictionary.

Few bankruptcies were known in France before the sixteenth century. The great reason is that there were no bankers. 594 more words


British people are sexually uptight, dirty and drink too much – according to Spanish book

by Lamiat Sabin

British people like to drink too much and would rather complete a crossword than have sex, according to a book published in Spain. 323 more words


French and Americans: Freedom 'Brothers at Odds' (O Globo, Brazil)


By Helio Gurovitz

Translated By Brandi Miller

“Ask an American what he or she thinks of the French: They are arrogant they’ll say, stuck in the past, a culture that thinks it’s superior, lazy, defenders of privilege, a set-in-their-ways society, hostages of an economic model whose wreck is evident – and a curse in the United States: ‘socialists.’ Now, ask any Frenchman what he or she thinks of Americans: … 497 more words


The Three Visions

To Christians:

I want to share with you three items of vision that came to me.  But please bear with me in the following word of caution. 838 more words


How to Find Your Happiness

by Lisa Firestone

(Psychology expert on relationships, parenting, self-destructive thoughts and suicide; author, ‘Conquer Your Critical Voice’)

We’ve all seen some version of this scene: the child at the playground, covered in ice cream, wearing a tiara. 906 more words


The graphic that reveals the food portion sizes you SHOULD be eating

FEMAIL’s new food portions graphic, which shows you how much you should be eating of certain foods

Rice the size of a tennis ball, a steak like a deck of cards and a chequebook’s worth of fish: 132 more words