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North Carolina BBQ 101

Some people like Eastern, while other people prefer Lexington. Wondering what I’m talking about? North Carolina barbecue. This tasty food has had a longstanding history in the Tarheel State that dates back to colonial times. 698 more words

What’s in a Carolina Name? A Look Inside the Names of Famous North Carolina Cities

We know their names by heart and everything about them, but we don’t truly know their meanings. Wonder what I’m talking about? The names of famous North Carolina cities. 656 more words

Cheerwine Cupcakes

Happy Tuesday! There is nothing more southerner than a cup of ice cold Cheerwine. Don’t know what Cheerwine is?  The beverage is a cherry soft-drink, founded in North Carolina. 138 more words

Moravian Sugar Cake

When Winston-Salem, NC is your hometown, you know all about the Moravians and their famous Sugar Cake. The Moravians are a protestant group who originated in the Czech Republic around 1415. 348 more words

Dinner Party #6: North Carolina

North Carolina was a beast of a dinner party. I don’t think I have ever made a bigger mess, than I did that night.  My entire sink was full of dishes, and I had food everywhere.   418 more words

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