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Part 1: Up, Up, and Away

The time has finally come to seal my bags, grab my passport, and head abroad to Edinburgh, Scotland: a place I only know from the many pictures I have seen over these past few months. 345 more words


Spring Into Moments: Part One

The past few months have been quite the blur of adventure and study, with a jam-packed spring break moving into a peanut-butter fueled revision period, I have left my impressions to spread together and will now attempt to sandwich them into a series of moments. 1,399 more words


An Unexpected Journey: Finding Home in Germany and Greece

A Polish friend that I made at my hostel in Athens introduced me to the Portuguese word, ‘saudade’. The word does not have an English equivalent but can be described as a melancholic feeling of the love that remains after someone you care about is gone. 1,556 more words


The Holidays while on Holiday

December in Edinburgh is an interesting time. Heaps of snow and frozen lakes that I was used to was replaced with rain, sometimes hail, and overpriced yet joyous ice-skating rinks. 1,348 more words


Being a Visiting Student at the University of Oxford

Being an international student feels very different, and I believe that my United States identity shapes much of my existence in the United Kingdom. Many Oxford students have travelled to the United States and are familiar with at least one North American city. 1,030 more words

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