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Could not understand
Visitor from the future
Begging us to stay


3 ways to make guests feel great

Every Sunday guests are among us. This past Sunday, I was introduced to a mother-daughter duo who were visiting our church campus for worship and Bible study. 347 more words

Sunday School

It’s a tall order to ask friends and family to come visit when you (literally) live halfway around the world. They’re always invited but we certainly don’t expect it.

330 more words

8 secrets in Sheffield everyone should know about

Now, I’ve probably mislead you a little with the title… these aren’t the dishy and dirty back-stories and secrets of Sheffield, but they are the hidden gems that lie in Sheffield, and I thought you should know about them. 889 more words



So this is Hanoi.” As far as he was concerned, “it might as well have been Mumbai or Kolkata. Similar leafy streets. 183 more words


Unknown Visitor

A pleasant knock on the door

Early morning visitor guided by the night

Here, at the doorstep waiting for a response

The startled eyes and unprepared soul… 122 more words