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Turning the Tables

We have had a visitor today.
MOH rang this morning and asked if we’d like a thrashing (this is our standard greeting now). Hubby had his head in the bow locker and was up to his knees in screws and fittings having to secure our gas bottles in accordance with new rules and regulations for boat owners, so going down was impossible. 564 more words


Highlights of the APGA Education Symposium

Conferences provide many opportunities for professional development, from the chance to meet and network with others in the field to seeing how other museums are operating.  1,286 more words

V is for Visitors

It had been a long day. Her feet hurt and she felt physically ill. I bet I had more footfalls in the house than the neighbourhood cafe. 370 more words

Nutty Thoughts

I had a visitor

It is always nice to have guests visit, but I did get a pleasant surprise when I went to the toilet and found a possum lurking in the window. 181 more words


Visitor apparently drowns in Kauai waters

A 57-year-old male visitor apparently drowned in waters off Lawa‘i Beach Resort on Kauai Saturday afternoon.

Police have identified him as David Stewart of Washington, D.C. 85 more words


List Of Countries And Their Colourful Flags That Have Visited Me Today

I am a geographical slut – I may as well confess it right up front.  I have been since I was a virginal youth who was excited by geography. 131 more words

Mindful Musings #87

Come to my home,

Be my visitor.

Observe as I live my life

In the best way I know how.

Learn from me.

Teach me. 17 more words