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Legal Alien

I’m very pleased to meet you
And to meet you, too, my dear
I wish that I were better at
Speaking the language here
So keep in mind I may not be… 137 more words


Chambok Waterfall

The Chambok community welcomes international and national visitors who wish to stay for family, friendships or internships.
Communities Chambok We provide:

#365DaysOfHappiness Day 43

Gwen came over for a visit.

Jello. Talking. Hide and Seek. Tag. Sister time. Trapping my toddler in a block square tower.

Always a good time. 25 more words


Tourism receipts, visitor arrivals to Singapore break record second year running

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: Visitor arrivals and tourism receipts for 2017 hit record highs for the second time in two years. Arrivals to Singapore increased by 6.2 per cent to 17.4 million, with seven of the top 15 markets – China, India, Vietnam, Philippines, United States, United Kingdom and Germany – also hitting record visitor arrivals. 451 more words

Current Affairs

Visitor With Benefits

I dress for the concert, in need of a new shirt. For some odd reason I cannot find one to match my slacks. With this closet full of clothes, you’d think otherwise. 142 more words


What can I take to hospital for a colon cancer patient?

This is a question I get asked quite a lot.

What a great question. Thank you for caring enough to want to help.

Colon cancer can be painful. 737 more words

Colon Cancer

Death Diaries: When The Music Stops

Please, go away.

I am seated in the dark in my sitting room, wary of the visitor who is knocking loudly at my door. I can hear him, but I pretend to be busy doing things I don’t even care about. 295 more words