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365 Grateful: a visit from a walkingstick

A walkingstick comes wandering to my garage today, all slender-like and tentative, his woodsiness sorely out of place on the white vinyl door jamb. The pincers at the bottom of his abdomen give him away — only males have those. 445 more words



Each year we welcome new faculty to campus. Some are beginning the tenure process, some are visiting (including postdocs, adjuncts and folks on sabbatical) while others are making a mid-career transition. 983 more words



The other night I was elated to encounter the dear young man at this store.  Now mind you that I have not seen him in about 2 weeks.   192 more words

September Newsletter

Click here to read the September, 2015 edition of the Emmaus Visitor.

In this month’s jam-packed issue: 👐 “God’s Work. Our Hands” Sunday 👐 Knitting, Sewing Group Moves to Wednesdays 👐 Season of Creation 👐 Constitution Input Welcome 👐 Guest Preacher Rev. 104 more words


Meet Ratty

After a while Shed1664 had a rodent visitor – we presume it was a rat as it burrowed under the shed floor and made little nests of paper in the drawers. 148 more words

Animals | Yellow-throated Bunting

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Description From Photographer if Any:

a winter visitor taking a rest

By ysbae491

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