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Visitors In The Night

Smoking lady with bad teeth, telling me off … Man, with pinch of powder between his fingers, throws it in my face. There is fire-light bouncing off the wall in the corner, leading me to believe there is flame just around the bend. 294 more words


Thai Tourism Minister outlines measures to balance, manage and distribute visitor numbers

Travel and Lifestyle Press Releases Tuesday December 11, 2018 17:10
Bangkok–11 Dec–TAT Inter PR Division
Embarking upon a quality over quantity approach to future development, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports has initiated a number of measures to better balance, manage, and… 6 more words


Visitor (Short Film)

The third installation in my film journey, inspired by a dream that stirred me in the middle of the night. What do you think? And if you like it, will you please share it?

Thanks for watching!


City Plan 2030 - Visitor Accommodation Seminar

As City Plan 2030 moves forward, we are holding more events on key subjects such as the Housing Seminar we shared just over a week ago. 300 more words

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What I've Learnt from Writing Website Content

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time writing content for websites. I’ve also spent a lot of time proofreading and rewriting content for websites. Let me tell you, I have learned a huge amount from this exercise. 1,786 more words

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had the cutest little visitor today…

was very difficult for me because I’ve been dealing with some type of bug and so felt I shouldn’t hold her;-(… 13 more words

Your Church's New Front Door

Today’s blog post, like those on Mondays, is taken from an excerpt of a book that I believe you’ll want to read. In one of Dr. 648 more words