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I know someone, not really a friend, but an acquaintance I guess. She has two cats and a dog and a husband and a job. 254 more words

Hell On Wheels

Scaredy Cats

I have to dedicate this post to my beloved older sister of 7 years and her wonderful 18-year-old daughter, who you can follow on YouTube @ 460 more words


Yum, Yum, Christmas Dinner

It was our Christmas Dinner today. Nearly everybody in the class tried a school dinner which was great to see. We have to try hard to use our knife and fork even when it gets a bit tricky. 135 more words


Thursday Thoughts (on a Wednesday)

It’s Wednesday, and I’m having some thoughts.

Like, why does Hubby refuse to rinse out whatever bowl or cup he uses to scramble eggs in? Is it because he enjoys my gagging sounds when I’m loading the dishwasher?   358 more words


Great Wall of China damaged by visitors cooking meal over campfire

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com)

A section of the Great Wall of China northeast of Beijing was damaged after a group of visitors started a fire to cook a meal, state media reported. 283 more words

Current Affairs

Tokyo airport to be 'scattered' with robots for 2020 Olympics

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

TOKYO: Visitors to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics can expect to arrive at an airport “scattered” with robots to help them, an official said on Tuesday (Dec 12) as he unveiled seven new machines to perform tasks from helping with luggage to language assistance. 302 more words

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I Must Just Nip to the Loo...

And how grateful our visitors are that they can at our museum. BUT.. we want this to be a pleasurable experience!

The Salisbury Museum is going potty! 13 more words