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When Uncles and Half-Aunts Visit

The Conley home has been hopping with the energy of super fun visitors from Colorado!  Uncle Patrick came to visit us with my future sister-in-law, Michela (prompting the kids to call her their ‘half-aunt Michela’ :))  We’ve spent the last few days catching up, celebrating Michela’s birthday and their engagement, and sharing our lives in beautiful Belgium.  69 more words

Kyuushuu 九州 - Round 2 (Part 2 - Kumamoto 熊本)

I must admit that I had run out of steam in terms of organisation for this part of the trip, having explored different parts of… 1,091 more words


This Blog: Overview and GDPR update.

Tomorrow, GDPR becomes law in Europe, and we will see many changes in how we blog. My best research so far has shown that WordPress have updated their Privacy policy to deal with this change. 412 more words


The Visitors

“Oh you brought a hedgehog on stilts playing the harp, how delightful!”

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Analysing learner language. Lecture by Hayo Reinders. June 21st 2018.

Abstract: Analysing learner language

In this mini-series of lectures we investigate the wide range of options available for collecting and analysing learner language. Such data has significant benefits for understanding the process of learning. 182 more words

Guest Speakers

Little Visitors

They say that your body is your home, but in this home, he is never alone. They all come to visit, late at night, uninvited, and always over staying their welcome. 459 more words


Research visit

Professor Fernando Alcalde Cuesta visits the Instituto de Matemática y Estadística Rafael Laguardia de Montevideo (Uruguay) from 9th to 22th June, 2018.