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The Scoop on Junk Food

We’ve had a few experiences with children being fed excessive amounts of junk food on visits.  We had a one year old who was fed ice cream, french fries, and soda during visits and would occasionally throw up afterwards.  829 more words


British Museum: 18. January. 2018

This afternoon I went to visit the British Museum with everyone from the studio to do some primary researches on an artefact that I have selected for this project. 228 more words


Your car knows you're cheating on your diet (or your spouse)

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General Motors (GM) first started tracking customers in 1996. Using its popular OnStar service, those in select GM vehicles could ask for directions, diagnose vehicle-related problems, or even disable a stolen vehicle by contacting a voice on the other end of the line. 983 more words


How to Persuade the Young and the Healthy to Sign Up for Health Insurance

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One of the big challenges in expanding the number of Americans with health care coverage and keeping premiums affordable for people with chronic or serious illnesses and preexisting conditions has been persuading young and healthy adults to obtain policies. 999 more words

Money Matters

Council of Ministers (COM) visits SXM Airport - ilandvibez.com

GREAT BAY – As a follow-up to a unanimous decision of the newly installed incoming Council of Ministers (COM), a delegation consisting of Minister of Finance, Michael Ferrier, Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor, Emil Lee, Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure, Miklos Giterson and Deputy Minister Plenipotentiary Hasani Ellis, were given a tour of the Sint Maarten Airport Terminal Building (ATB) in the afternoon of Monday, January 15, the same day the Council was sworn in…..Read More

Hospitals keep emergency room fees secret. Help change that by sharing your bill.

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Hospitals keep ER fees secret. Share your bill to help change that.

By Sarah Kliff

Each year, Americans make 141 million trips to the emergency room. 220 more words