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Messages: Signs, Visits, and Premonitions from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11 Book Review

Since the beginning of time, human beings have tried to explain what happens after we die.

In the wake of the attack on September 11th,2001, the loved ones of the victims tried to pick themselves up and move on. 184 more words


DISH – Le Nain Hotel

Jacee had her third visit to Le Nain. Her visit was well posted in advance, and enough of the residents know her, that there was a group waiting for her who cheered her arrival. 13 more words


Toy makers circle as Product Designers win a toy hackathon for the second year running...

Major toy manufacturers are in early talks with product design students at the University of Sussex over bringing to life their prize-winning idea for the next big campus craze. 579 more words


Early Morning Visit

Laying in bed in the early hours, I felt a pressure on the end of the bed, something touched my foot. I didn’t look, l wanted to, but know through past experience nothing is there. 230 more words

Visit from the St Andrews University Geobus

A few photos to remind you of the visit by the St Andrews University Geobus last Friday. Experiments included a mountain of flour with a hidden balloon inside providing an effective example of how a caldera is formed from a sudden explosive volcanic eruption. 73 more words

Museum Visits - a live web thingy

This is a blog post by Phil Gyford, who helped me make a thing. I’ve been curious about a tool called sheetsee.js for ages, and we made a site to show you the museums we visit, and it’s driven directly from a Google spreadsheet! 452 more words


Memorial Sloan Kettering

A week ago today, we ventured downtown to Manhattan to the Breast Care Center of Memorial Sloan Kettering. The building sat on a non-descript corner and didn’t boast its name so one could easily walk by it. 1,241 more words