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Cemeutatiorr Furnace

© 2016 Lin Tarczynski

I would like the gods to notice that today I am not complaining about the weather (or lack of it), and I am bloody damn grateful I am not in the path of a typhoon. 14 more words


Five to Invoke the Fall

All five are from ©2015, top to bottom:

Doubt walks unhindered through the sun today
Shakespeare for horned lizards
Twenty-four grueling minutes past seven cabinets… 6 more words


Adishesha Uncoiling

© 2016 Lin Tarczynski

A year ago, this would have been published as part of Samsara Comics, which was an exploration of mine that seemed to be moving outside the realms of Geranium Lake Properties. 32 more words


Saturday Sometimes Retro

Top: “Directions Nowhere” (2015)
Bottom: “Kalydeco Crowhat” (2014)

Let’s make Saturday an excuse for returning to previously posted, semi-beloved GLP comics, on a semi-regular or semi-occasional schedule.


Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Meta-Trashpo by Jason Motsch (Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, USA)

Mail art by Jason Motsch (Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, USA)

The greatest trash show on earth continues with brilliant work by trashpoet and committed Kulter Jason Motsch. 131 more words

Mail Art