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A Mother's Day Beyond the Plastics

A local radio announcer—a male radio announcer—is touting a unique Mother’s Day gift. Since birthing and raising children ruined Mom’s body, treat her to some Mother’s Day plastic surgery! 336 more words

Written Art

Inconvenient Objects Developed

In terms of pursuing the inconvenient objects and people becoming empowered through the experience of the object, I decided to follow through with this in the hope that people would claim the objects, over time if this object should become a burden, they then go through a secondary phase of empowerment, almost catharsis, where they must accept and let go of the object, either my leaving it somewhere or destroying it. 37 more words

Forensic Foraging Photography by William Crawford

William C. Crawford shoots the trite, trivial, & mundane using a photographic style called forensic foraging. Developed by Crawford, Sydney Lensman, and Jim Provencher, forensic foraging downplays extensive computer intervention and emphasizes composition, framing, high color saturation, and contrast. 61 more words

Visual Art

Sun in the Palms: Thirteen Flashes for My Mother by Nancy Kline


Flash!  One minute to the next.

Short circuit in the brain, struck dumb.

When I get the call, I am eight hours away from her, by car.  1,481 more words

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Van Dyck Captures Unique Details in Sketches and Painting

By Tony Schwab, Staff Writer

The Anthony Van Dyck show at the Frick Gallery captures the full range of a great artist’s skill. Including both the sketches that established Van Dyck as talented and the paintings that drew him comparisons to his teacher Peter Paul Reubens and to his contemporaries Rembrandt and Velazquez, it is as good as any exhibit currently in New York. 396 more words


When Birds Were Fish

One could write poetically concerning When Birds Were Fish.

Or When Birds Were Suns. When Birds Were Moons.

Soaring and skimming from here to there, across times, flying into the rivers of the underworld. 102 more words

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Daring Prints by Degas at MoMa

By Qianqian Li, Contributing Writer

All artists dabble printmaking at sometime in their careers, but it’s safe to say (though not very well-known) that Edgar Degas was immersed in the medium. 488 more words