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a portrait of self

you are the universe
fire and ash, water and cloud.

complex matter and definite miracle,
you are sunlight and stardust,
moonbeams and magic.

creation shines through you, 195 more words

Here & Now

An Unusual Interview about Art4Art with Charles MacKenzie

By Sarah Rose de Villiers

“What is Art4Art?” Charles MacKenzie asks himself.
If you’re asking the same question about the community of culture and economy of creativity – then press ‘play’ and be blown away.


Word on the street

By Sarah Rose de Villiers

Word on the street is someone is in love, somebody didn’t do it and something is fake.

Graffiti decorates sidewalls, alleys and postboxes in Grahamstown. 105 more words


Take a Running Jump, Nikky Morgan-Smith!

Sitting on Nikky Morgan-Smith’s back deck overlooking the hinterland of Northern NSW, it’s hard not to imagine yourself taking flight and soaring out over this beautiful part of the world. 1,159 more words


Opportunity for Ryerson Artists!

Hello past/present/future Ryerson students!

The Continuist has been supported by the Arts and Contemporary Studies Program since our inception, and we want to give back while also providing a neat opportunity to our submitters. 109 more words

The Continuist.

New Orleans Sketches by Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith is an accomplished artist and illustrator, who has displayed in numerous galleries around the country. He holds a BFA from The University of the Arts and a Master’s degree in art history from the University of Alabama.  36 more words

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