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In The Name of Art

In these works, I have presented a dichotomy that challenges the perception of the untouchable object, the work of art. By failing to interact, by not touching, by not intervening and not ‘ruining’ the artwork, we not only devalue the lives of the performers and the value of that which is outside the artwork, but we also devalue ourselves. 49 more words


Breast cancer survivor got there scars tattooed - They are inspiring

Living with breast cancer is tough, but surgical removal of the breast, or a part of it, can help prevent the fatal disease.
However, the process (Mastectomies) comes with scars, both psychological and physical. 27 more words


Naughty Knots

I love to untangle knots. Transforming a hot mess of tangles into a straightforward length of cord—now that’s satisfying. Recently I faced a major tangle challenge: a conundrum of knotty mobile frames. 523 more words

Written Art