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Interview: Brie

Today we’re joined by Brie. Brie is a phenomenal young aspiring artist who specializes in visual art. She enjoys drawing people, including some original characters, and dabbles in fanart as well. 566 more words


Much To Do About Something (Feat. Louis De Guzman & Austin Neely)

Louis & Austin stop by the studio. We talked about past endeavors in the streetwear and sneaker game, Louis’s past shows, and upcoming shows, Hebru’s gallery in Elmhurst and him being the best artist in Chicago. Check it out.

Blind Photography: Capturing the World without Sight

Without sight, what is photography?

To Pete Eckert, it’s everything. Most importantly, though, it is a way to communicate the experience of blindness. By utilizing long exposures and bursts of light to create his one of a kind images, Eckert shares how he sees without sight. 346 more words


Painting with leaves

It’s that time of the year once again, Autumn is here, probably my favorite time of the year because of  all the amazing Fall colors I see everywhere. 787 more words