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Song Of Clipping

Shahpur jatt, a village with narrow lanes, unplanned constructions, and the typical lifestyle of the Jatt community, also a village with a number of country’s best boutiques and designer houses, a village of a large number of migrated laborers specially the craftsperson, a village of fashion and fame, hunger and hard work, designers houses and life in slums, the village shows many layers of human life and its contradictions… 127 more words

Visual Arts

B1M: Ethan Parker with BreakOUT!

Ethan Parker is a self-taught sequential artist and illustrator living and working in Austin, TX. Their works pulls from social commentary surrounding the intersectionality of being queer, black and trans as a means of uplifting communities of color and amplifying the voices of queer black individuals through visual storytelling. 71 more words

Orange Ink

November Wrap-Up

Although I have been missing in action for most of November, it is a very exciting time for me. In addition to gigging and teaching, I have finished a cross-stitch project, almost completed a 30 Minute Workout for Jazz Bass, and have put together what I term a Passions Constellation. 452 more words

Career Design

An Amazing 'Twin Peaks' Tarot Deck

When most people think of the tarot, the Rider-Waite deck springs to mind. Illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith (with input from academic and mystic A. E. 223 more words


Remembering When: December, 2013

Holiday Web Flyer: December, 2013

Nothing excites me more than getting a special request from the president of Northwest campus.  Well, in this case, excites comes with a little stress.   166 more words

Digital Work

An Introduction to Anime

The phrase ‘Japanese culture’ will stir vastly different ideas depending on whom you choose to talk to. To some, the first thing that springs to mind is undoubtedly Shinto temples or giant Buddha statues while to others it might be the iconic tea ceremony. 632 more words