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Cimplicity Workbench Error 77 Variable type expected

I had met with a problem the other day, try to open a screen from Cimplicity workbench.

the following line:
Private cimOleObj As MSComctlLib.IListView

Causing above error. 23 more words

Visual Basic 6


In a plant requires a control to detect how altitude and how the volume of a materials that is in a certain area.

For example in a tube filled with fluid material, wherein the liquid used in a particular process so that the fluid can not be empty, so that the process can continue. 250 more words


Installing visual basic 6.0 pro on windows 64 bit

Recently I was trying to install vb 6.0 on a window 7 64 bit laptop.But I started getting error and one time even though it installed correctly,it wasn’t working the way it should .After searching various forums for almost 3 days,reading and trying various methods,I managed to install it correctly by joining tidbit of this & that from internet. 227 more words


Visual Basic 6 and Packaging Problem

Today i just realize that visual basic 6 package and deployment wizard is not include some of dependency file for my program. The error occur when i try to print report. 625 more words

Visual Basic 6

Data Source Driver Not Found And No Default Driver Specified

Today I found one issue on my old application. The application was develop using Visual Basic 6 and employ MySQL as database. The problem is when i start the application, the message “Data Source Driver Not Found” appear in my system. 43 more words


Aplikasi Penggajian Karyawan dengan VB6

Deskripsi :           Aplikasi berbasis desktop yang memudahkan rekap data karyawan, rekap data gaji, dan rekap data pinjaman. Dilengkapi dengan laporan biodata karyawan, laporan history gaji per karyawan maupun history gaji keseluruhan karyawan. 123 more words