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GESTALT - A Simple Primer

Whether you’re a designer, photographer, artist, or a professional tasked with making a power-point, Gestalt principles can help you make things that are easier for your viewer to understand. 344 more words


Audience theory

We looked into audience theory and the way in which the audience interprets information. Stuart Hall’s theory (1973) explored communication, in particular coding and decoding. Hall wrote about how media messages are produced, received and then how the information was interpreted. 151 more words


Fashion Consultant

I am often asked what I do for living. People do understand the role of a facilitator for life skills and leadership skills. Special educator is also understandable. 261 more words

Paradigms and Syntagms

Paradigms and Syntagms are both related to semiotics in that they are involved in how signs relate to one another.

Paradigms are about substitution, Syntagms are about positioning. 189 more words


Audience Theories

Hypodermic Needle Theory –

Media is there to get an immediate reaction.

Cause and effect.

The most famous case, Orson Wells, the famous director played War of the Worlds on the radio which caused mass hysteria amongst the public. 351 more words

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