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Visual communications research point: visual culture

One of the most interesting points I found  in reading the article called Visual Culture by Marita Sturken is that we do not view an image in isolation. 91 more words

Research & Reflection

Visual Communications Research point : Graphic Design

Really enjoyed the combination of sound, image and written information. The somewhat vintage style of the graphics and the upbeat  music work well and the information is clear and concise. 136 more words

Research & Reflection

Analysis of a Data Visualisation

What is the story?

This specific info graphic is about what percentage of people who took the survey had/have smoked weed between the years of 1969-2013. 628 more words


Week 1 - What is Data Visualisation?

What is Data?

Before we enter the world of Data Visualisation, we need to know what data is and why it’s so important to visualise this. 169 more words


Week 1- What is Data Vis?

The first few key points I encountered when viewing this lecture was why data visualisation has become an important part in our everyday lives. As outlined in the video, I have seen that we are dealing with an overwhelming amount of data today than we have in the past, and as a result of this we need to be able communicate what this data all means.  281 more words


Holding on

There’s a proverb in Polish ‘the drowning man will hold on to a razor’; here’s visualisation of it