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Research Nudism - Adam And Eve

Even if its not really a part of the nudism that I work on I think its still very interesting to understand the story of Adam and Eve. 87 more words

Visual Communication

Double Page Spread - First Ideas

I had many ideas for my front cover but I just couldn’t get my head into the double page spread design. I researched a lot about double page spreads and so many of them were very creative and super good. 300 more words


Applying semiotics lesson to my subculture

Mods: Icons 

  • Pins
  • Band posters
  • news paper articles with photographs

Mods: Symbols

  • Parka coats
  • Italian suits
  • Targets on coats
  • Scooters


Replicating Logos

Replicating logos was a good exercise to do as it let me try to use the pen tool in Illustrator at it’s fullest potential. It was also good for my creative mind to try and work out a way to tackle it. 171 more words


Icon, Symbol & Index - The Weather


Raindrops falling in a puddle



A sketch of an umbrella


People wearing hats and thick coats, 6 more words

Visual Communication

Icon, Symbol & Index - My Subculture

To understand the difference and meaning of Icon, Symbol and Index better, I tried to use them on my subculture.


The background image of the naked body of a woman. 117 more words

Visual Communication

Icon, Symbol & Index

The philosopher and scientist Charles Sanders Peirce discovered that signs are divided into  three different kinds. Icon, Symbol and Index.

Icon also be called iconic sign… 164 more words

Visual Communication