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Experiments for smoothie "face"

Last week we started to work on project – creating identity for a commercial product. On Friday came clients, presented they product, said what they are interested and this week on Tuesday we started to experiment making marks. 83 more words


Constructivism - Police Brutality

I made a poster dealing with the political issues in modern society, police brutality. This poster was made with the a Russian art style, Constructivism where the art style uses thin and thick outlines and limited color pallets. 16 more words

Digital Foundation

Visual Communication: Evaluation

Before starting my foundation I was fairly assured that I would be choosing Visual Communication for my specialisation. Though I have greatly enjoyed all my rotations so far, I was pleased to find this unchanged. 882 more words


Points and Lines

In order to understand points and lines, I created a metaphor about myself and included my name. The mirror represents a pair of glasses. Oftentimes, people do not really see me for who I am. 65 more words

Non-time Based

Points and Lines

A point marks a position in space and graphically takes form as a dot. A series of points form a line.

Lines can have many weights with thickness and texture. 57 more words

Non-time Based

Spacial Translations and Planes

To get a better understanding of planes, I took many photos of a classroom from different perspectives and narrowed it down to 6 pictures to make an abstract image.

Non-time Based


A plane is a flat surface extending in height and width. They have many different qualities: solid, perforated, smooth, transparent or opaque. Following my pictures, I combined lines, and planes to create an abstract image. 52 more words

Non-time Based