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Final Project Draft: Logos


For my final project I am going to use logos. I chose to use logos because I find their designs to be interesting. I will use these logos to form new designs and show different views of the logos.

Non-Time Based


This post will feature a collection of my published cartoons of which there are around 30. Beginning with one of those I contributed to U: 320 more words


New Finals Plan & Progress

After completing the first illustration and discussing, the final pieces are  longer going to be a book or satirical magazine, have decided the illustrations were stronger as posters where the text would be included in with the image. 159 more words


Web Page Design

Well, what happens when you get Thanksgiving and move out/in day of old/new apartment in the same week? Justified procrastination.

I am really hoping to get this blog post finished before the due date. 159 more words


Typography & Illustration Final Evaluation

For my typography research I felt I was able to annotate the examples I found however where this research lacked was in my responses to the work, I found it difficult to respond to these pieces in my own style without simply copying the example. 758 more words

Visual Communication

Hungary’s Anti-European Immigration Laws

By Prof. Gábor Halmai

Since Viktor Orbán came to power in 2010, Hungary has regularly violated the principles set forth in Article 2 of the Treaty of the European Union. 1,602 more words

Typography & Illustration Week Three

Over the weekend I looked at two artists, and research these. The two artists were illustrator Patrick Nagel and director Wes Anderson. Although I didn’t really explore the work of Patrick Nagel due to time restrictions, I fully explored the work of Wes Anderson as I knew from the beginning this is the style I wanted to use for my illustration piece. 265 more words

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