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Don't Leave Home Without It

I can’t bear to be away from my art supplies when I travel, so I always assemble a portable studio to tote in my carry-on. I try include my favorite tools in the most space-economical way I can. 166 more words


in other frivolous news

I have recently started using more makeup, mainly because it helps me feel better prepared to face the day (literally?). I didn’t know how much I relied on eyeliner, till this happened.

Weekend break

I traveled to bangalore this weekend and had a wonderful time! This was the first time I left the kidlet (with her grandparents) & I was feeling very sad, and missed her a lot.But she seemed to do fine without me.


The pleasure of the small drawing transformed by a weird caption.  Somehow this kind of work did not receive appreciation in high school during lecture. Though I did crack up one history teacher who had a righteous sense of humor. 120 more words