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"Fly" Ad Design Breakdown

American Airlines design 2020

This original ad is from the American Airlines campaign for 2020. American Airlines is one of the first airlines to reopen since Covid-19 has caused most of our traveling to come to a screeching halt. 1,100 more words

Visual Media

Surfin' Ad Campaign - Reverse Engineer Post


I had the opportunity to take a visual media class this semester and I had to re-make an ad! As I looked more into this ad, it turns out that it was not an actual hydroflask ad, but a re-make. 215 more words


Creating Ads that Work Together

Above is an ad produced by Nordstom. You can find it at https://weekly-ads.us/nordstrom-ads/flyer-118210-0. The designer isn’t mentioned, neither is much other information on the ad itself. 756 more words

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The Cold of The North Face

The North Face is a company that sells outerwear and outdoor gear. There is no particular designer mentioned, but the ad comes from the company’s marketing team. 689 more words

Reverse Engineer

Adidas Ad Campaign - Analyzed

Original Ad Analysis


This original design was part of the adidas “run past finish” ad campaign. The original design was created by creative director, Mel Blanchard Gong. 649 more words


Fashion styles are coming back with Louis Vuitton


The original design. Emma stone the Hollywood actress was shot by Craig McDean, in the 2018 Louis Vuitton campaign. The original design was put together very well and had good design aspects involved. 632 more words

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Slide to view the original Whiskas ‘Nurture Their Nature’ ad and the new similar version created.


I have a six-month-old kitten that is notorious for stalking anything thing that moves. 1,476 more words

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