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Scanning Patterns Continued: Next Level

After the scanning patterns have been introduced, and the student has traced the patterns several times (seen in previous lesson posted) the next level up can be to have a student make the patterns themselves. 90 more words


Introducing Scanning Patterns

This activity was created to introduce scanning patterns to an elementary aged student with multiple disabilities.

The materials needed are different colored popsicle sticks and some cut out shapes. 134 more words


O&M Multi-Use Cards

After tonight I realized I am going through a fill in the blank, lets make a book, here is a card phase. Even so, maybe someone has never used this idea and can go through their own phase like me. 228 more words


The Little Book about Scanning

This is a lesson I developed to review scanning patterns for street crossings in both directions with a student at the end of my internship while student teaching. 162 more words


Just Keep Scanning, Just Keep Scanning

Contributed by Karmela Yahyakashani

This lesson was designed for an advanced junior high student learning visual scanning. The letters are folded and taped randomly to structures around the student’s campus, and when all the letters are found they spell out “You Win A Treat!”


Beginning Math Adventures on the Spectrum

I remember a little over 2 years ago when I started homeschooling Beth, I couldn’t wait to jump in and start working on math. She liked numbers. 1,663 more words


Never Say Never

I never thought I would be writing this. We are back to ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis). Whoa. Wha? Me? The mom who said a hundred times “ABA just didn’t work for us”?   2,106 more words