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Elastic Search : Create Index using NEST in .NET

In order to connect to your elastic search node from .NET application, do the following steps:

  • Download NEST package from Nuget
    PM> Install-Package NEST
  • Define elastic search Node running address …
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Visual Studio: Add Bot Application Template in Visual Studio 2013/2015

In order to make Bot application template part of your visual studio 2013 or 2015

  1. Download zip file from the direct download link here:
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Visual Studio: ResXManager

Manage localization of all ResX-Based resources in one place. Shows all resources of a solution and let’s you edit the strings and their localizations in a well-arranged data grid.

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TFS: Error fix while adding solution to Source Control in Visual Studio


TF402484: The "PROJECTXYZ" team project has been deleted. 
Undo any pending changes to that project or branches from 
that project in your local workspace. Then retry the operation. 54 more words
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How to Debug the Design Time Errors in WPF XAML File?


While developing WPF applications, design view plays an important role not only placing the controls but also we can see the run time view at design time. 529 more words

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Zeroing Memory is Hard (VC++ 2015 arrays)

Quick, what’s the difference between these two C/C++ definitions of initialized local variables?

char buffer = { 0 };
char buffer = {};

One difference is that the first is legal in C and C++, whereas the second is only legal in C++.

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Realtime MVC ModelState errors during debugging

While working on my most recent ASP.NET MVC project, I was having a tough time figuring out why my ModelState was invalid. It was due to the fact that I set the error messages to “Required” or “Invalid” for ALL of my model properties (to support the way the view presents the error messages). 223 more words

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