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ASP.NET CORE: Error - Unable to start debugging. The startup project could not be launched

If you receiving this error “Unable to start debugging. The startup project could not be launched. Verify debug settings for the startup project” on building your first CORE project inside Visual Studio. 72 more words


Delete an inline function, save 794 kB

In the previous episode of “Simple Changes to Shrink Chrome” I discussed how deleting ‘const’ from a few key locations could lead to dramatic size savings, due to a VC++ compiler quirk. 1,667 more words


Add a const here, delete a const there…

I just completed a series of changes that shrunk the Chrome browser’s on-disk size on Windows by over a megabyte, moved about 500 KB of data from its read/write data segments to its read-only data segments, and reduced its private working set by about 200 KB per-process. 2,526 more words


VC++ /arch:AVX option – unsafe at any speed

Microsoft’s VC++ compiler has an option to generate instructions for new instruction sets such as AVX and AVX2, which can lead to more efficient code when running on compatible CPUs. 1,475 more words


ASP.NET: Install Nuget Package .nupkg file locally

There are two common ways to install local .nupkg nuget package in Visual Studio.

Solution 1:

Step1: Note down path of your local NUGET package… 133 more words

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Visual Studio: Keep IIS Express running site after stopping debugger in Visual Studio 2012-2013-2015

In order to keep IIS Express running after stopping debugger, Everyone knows the simple solution which is:

“in the Debug menu > Start without debugging (Ctr + F5)” 191 more words

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LightSwitch - Application Hangs when exiting "Add/Edit Details Screen"


Upon launching an Add/Edit Details Screen and clicking the Save or Discard button, the Application Hangs.

Reproduction Steps

AddEdit Screen / Before Changes

Add Edit Screen / Post Clicking on Save or Discard Button… 817 more words