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CodeLink Visual Studio Extension now available! Easily share your code cursor location!

My latest Visual Studio extension is now available! Get it here: 2017, 2015

So what is CodeLink?

Getting two developers on the same page over chat can be time consuming. 302 more words


Decrypting TFS secret variables

Each build and release definition in TFS has a set of custom variables assigned to it. Those variables are later used as parameters to PowerShell/batch scripts, configuration file transformations, or other tasks being part of the build/release pipeline. 1,423 more words


Looking to disable the Alt-Shift-L keyboard shortcut on Lenovos and such? Here ya go...

Type the following command from an admin command prompt:

reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\SynTP\Parameters\Debug /v DumpKernel /d 00000000 /t REG_DWORD /f

I’ve been having this problem with Visual Studio. 85 more words

Angular2: Resolve TS5023 Build:Unknown compiler option 'typeRoots' and 'types' error in Visual Studio

I installed fresh copy of Visual Studio 2015 update 3 on my secondary machine and try to execute Angular2 project integrated with ASP.NET CORE and came across an issue… 74 more words


Angular2: Resolve TypeScript TS2304 compilation errors in Visual Studio

I have recently updated my angular2 project and fell into this TS2304 error in Visual Studio 2015

Error    TS2304    Build:Cannot find name 'Promise'.   
Error    TS2304    Build:Cannot find name 'Map'.   218 more words

VS 2017 - Revamped Start Page

When you open VS, the first thing that you notice is the Start Page. In VS 2015 the Start Page provided a useful way to open recent projects, look into tech news. 454 more words

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Visual Studio 2017 - The best IDE ever

Visual Studio 2017 was launched with much fan fare yesterday (March 7, 2017). I started exploring Visual Studio 2017 from RC and I must say, after using VS 2017 I felt I was earlier leaving in stone age. 739 more words

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