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Solved: “The resource object with key 'X' was not found”

You may run into the error below when you use a WebResource file in your ASP.NET project.

Server Error in ‘/UMregistration’ Application.

Parser Error…

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Command to change oracle date from CMD

Following command used to change oracle date in 11g.

ALTER SYSTEM SET fixed_date =’16/01/01′;


Binded textbox not allow to loss focus in vb.net

To solve bounded Textbox validating problem in vb.net with WCF Dataset, Follow the following steps..

  1. Drag and Drop field from DataSource window’s Dataset(ServiceReference Dataset) and put on form.
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Runtime Flow v1.6 adds an API for monitoring results

Runtime Flow in real time monitors and logs function calls and function parameters in a running .NET application and shows a stack trace tree, with no instrumentation or source code required for monitoring. 48 more words

Vlasov Studio Tools

Tracking Down Memory Issues

One of the beta testers reported that synSinger was crashing on him – something I hadn’t seen on my machine. I sent back the .xml… 233 more words