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Visual Studio 2010 - Upgrade from RTM to SP1


Just as yourself, got a lot to do, but occasionally get pulled back in.

SQL Server 2008-R2 Upgrade

My manager has signed us up to upgrade all SQL Servers to the most recent version, 2016. 374 more words


Get all items from a list performance

Running on a list with 4,000 items. Option 1 is on average 1 second slower than Option 2.

Option 1:

using (SPSite currentSite = new SPSite(SPContext.Current.Site.ID)) 128 more words

SharePoint 2010

[CMake] choose 32bit or 64bit in visual studio

This might be obvious for CMake regulars, but given the help, I would never have guessed this.

Generate x64:

cmake .. -G"Visual Studio 14 Win64"
142 more words

Create a notification banner on top of every page in a SharePoint 2010 site collection using delegate control

We wanted to create a notification banner on top of every page in a SharePoint 2010 site collection like this:

You could modify the master page for each site but that very cumbersome. 483 more words

SharePoint 2010

Visual Studio: In TFS how can I correct the links to work items on an existing changeset - Stack Overflow

This is still one of my gripes from Visual Studio: when a changeset is linked to an incorrect work item, you still have to change this from the work item side: 106 more words


Visual Studio Can't Find .NET

The new definition of insanity: Trying to figure out why the heck Visual Studio can’t find a version of .NET that is installed on your computer. 277 more words

.NET 4.0

MySpotify Demo App - RESTFul Web Service Introduction & Object Oriented Programming


This application does the following:

  • Search the artist library of Spotify
  • If there’s a result, display it as a list together with a base image if available.
  • 324 more words