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Tracking Down Memory Issues

One of the beta testers reported that synSinger was crashing on him – something I hadn’t seen on my machine. I sent back the .xml… 233 more words

Annoying: Visual Studio 2010+ by default open XSD files in a Designer view

It is pretty easy to switch from the XSD Designer to the Code view: c# – Viewing XSD as code – Stack Overflow.

But I got a bit fed up of doing this each and every time after opening an XSD file in Visual Studio. 59 more words


Tabs Studio v3.7.2 adds file changes indicator

Tabs Studio is a Visual Studio and SSMS extension empowering you to work comfortably with any number of open documents.

v3.7.2 introduces the new TrackEd add-in for Tabs Studio that shows a yellow bar in the tab title for modified files and a green bar for edited and saved files: … 10 more words

Visual Studio 2010

Instructions for Setting up Entity Framework 6 and Data Test Project‏

I had gone through a lot of days of futzing to make this work and thought others may benefit from this as well. Instructions are included for both VS2010 (at the very end) and VS2015. 181 more words


Default Server Ribbon Customization Locations

Reference: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/ee537543%28v=office.14%29.aspx

SharePoint 2010

Last modified: April 05, 2011

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

The Server ribbon in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation supports customization of the default tabs, groups, and controls. 2,621 more words

SharePoint 2010