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[CMake] choose 32bit or 64bit in visual studio

This might be obvious for CMake regulars, but given the help, I would never have guessed this.

Generate x64:

cmake .. -G"Visual Studio 14 Win64"
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Create a notification banner on top of every page in a SharePoint 2010 site collection using delegate control

We wanted to create a notification banner on top of every page in a SharePoint 2010 site collection like this:

You could modify the master page for each site but that very cumbersome. 483 more words

SharePoint 2010

Visual Studio: In TFS how can I correct the links to work items on an existing changeset - Stack Overflow

This is still one of my gripes from Visual Studio: when a changeset is linked to an incorrect work item, you still have to change this from the work item side: 106 more words


Visual Studio Can't Find .NET

The new definition of insanity: Trying to figure out why the heck Visual Studio can’t find a version of .NET that is installed on your computer. 277 more words

.NET 4.0

MySpotify Demo App - RESTFul Web Service Introduction & Object Oriented Programming


This application does the following:

  • Search the artist library of Spotify
  • If there’s a result, display it as a list together with a base image if available.
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Command to change oracle date from CMD

Following command used to change oracle date in 11g.

ALTER SYSTEM SET fixed_date =’16/01/01′;


Binded textbox not allow to loss focus in vb.net

To solve bounded Textbox validating problem in vb.net with WCF Dataset, Follow the following steps..

  1. Drag and Drop field from DataSource window’s Dataset(ServiceReference Dataset) and put on form.
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