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Strange behaviors in Crystal

I found today a strange behavior with Crystal Reports .NET , using Visual Studio 2010.
In a recordsource there are 2 numeric (integer) columns that were displayed in the preview window, inside Visual Studio. 178 more words


“An entry with the same key already exists” Error

Check if there are duplicated values in a drop down list

If you are trying to set more than one option in a drop down list as selected, i.e., item.Selected = true; , you will get this error.

SharePoint 2010

Resolved: "Project not selected to build for this solution configuration"

When you compile your Visual Studio solution, you may run into this error:

Project not selected to build for this solution configuration


This problem occurs especially when you convert your project between different versions of Visual Studio.

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Continuous Delivery Journey

I would like to set up continuous integration/delivery to handle some of the problems that arose on the last project I worked on. Specifically: deployments were awful. 336 more words

The installer was interrupted before application could be installed. You need to restart the installer to try again

In this post, I am going to share one error that I faced couple of times earlier and its resolution.

Issue –

You have created a installer using Web Setup project with VS 2010. 424 more words