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SharePoint Debugging : Determine which worker process to attach while debugging

Most of the times, during SharePoint debugging,we see that while trying to attach to process “w3wp”, many process with same name are listed.

How to determine which process we need to attach to? 91 more words

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How to fix "Declaration expected", "Syntax error", and "Statement cannot appear outside of a method" errors that appear in a non-sense way in Visual Studio

There might be several different reasons for the generic errors below to appear.

Declaration expected
Syntax error
Statement cannot appear outside of a method

In my case, …

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Solved: “The resource object with key 'X' was not found”

You may run into the error below when you use a WebResource file in your ASP.NET project.

Server Error in ‘/UMregistration’ Application.

Parser Error…

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C# 6.0 Features in Visual studio 2012 (Professional Edition)

This article is responding question whether you can use C# 6.0 Features in Visual studio 2012 or not ?

Answer is Yes. You can use. 98 more words


How to import a setting to Visual Studio?

Download the setting file. (.vssettings extension)

For example: http://studiostyl.es/schemes/vim-darkblue

Then go Tools/Import Export Settings/Import Selected Environment Settings

and choose the file you downloaded above. Thats all…

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Which font should I use for coding?

This guy compiled great fonts for coding in this site.


I use “DEJA VU SANS MONO” in my Visual Studio environment.

You can download this font from here: … 58 more words

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Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012

I needed to create a SharePoint 2013 Visual WebPart in Visual Studio 2012. This is the template, I was getting by default:

Now, if you google Office Developer Tools, you’ll be automatically redirected to the page of Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2015. 44 more words

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