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Visual Commander v2.1 adds friendly command names for keyboard bindings

Visual Commander is a freemium extension for Visual Studio 2010+ allowing you to automate repetitive tasks in the IDE.

Visual Commander v2.1 adds friendly command names for keyboard bindings to the professional edition and fixes the inability to edit C# snippets with the professional edition in Visual Studio 2015:

Download the installer.

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Tabs Studio v3.6.5 improves support for Visual Studio 2015

Tabs Studio is a Visual Studio and SSMS extension empowering you to work comfortably with any number of open documents.

v3.6.5 prevents occasional tabs reordering and fixes Visual Studio hang when loading a solution. 10 more words

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SharePoint 2013 Existing Workflow not getting updated via WSP Deployment

Have you faced any issues with deploying the Workflow via WSP files where the existing workflow doesn’t get updated.

You will see that even if you perform the following steps to remove and  then add the workflow, still the old workflow will be active. 387 more words

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Smooth caret movement for Visual Studio

The new Smooth Caret extension adds smooth caret movement animation for text editors in Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013/2015. It looks similar to the smooth typing feature in Microsoft Office 2013.

Download the installer.

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Microsoft’s Visual Studio “Bloat” is Hurting All Professional Developers…

Up through Visual Studio 2010, updating the development environment with new service packs was a no-brainer. You simply did an update through a web-install or by downloading the ISO image. 1,706 more words


Sometimes, learning a few keyboard shortcuts can prove to be quite useful to our computer skills. It can greatly improve efficiency and productivity. And most of all, it makes you look like a real cool guy/girl. 131 more words


How to setup a Custom Timer Job execute your code every 3 hours?

Let’s say you have a piece of code that you want to run every 3 hours via a custom timer job. So when you try to schedule the timer job you will realize that you do not have the luxury of setting up the ‘Interval’ property in the SPHourlySchedule class. 135 more words

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