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Windows 2012 Standard - Visual Studio

Environment: Windows 2012 Standard
Visual Studio version: VS2015, VS2013. VS2017 not supported.


Example of Setting up a Blank Windows Service in Visual Studio 2017

When you are creating a new Windows Service Application in NET, you can’t simply generate the project and then click F5 to debug in Visual Studio. 1,350 more words


Get the Total Number of Documents in a SharePoint Site Collection Library and its Sub Folders using .NET

One thing that you often need and that is quite annoying to get in a default SharePoint installation is the total number of files in a document library and all of its sub-folders… 701 more words


C# : Enabling C# 7.1 on Visual Studio 2015 / 2013

The C# compiler supports C# 7.1 starting with Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3, or the .NET Core SDK 2.0.

This is what Microsoft says in their documentations.

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Dynamics 365 Developer Toolkit for Visual Studio

Download the Dynamics 365 Developer Toolkit for Visual Studio from the below link. I tried my hands on Visual Studio 2013 for Dynamics 365.


Microsoft Dynamics XRM

Encrypt/Decrypt appsettings in webconfig file of SharePoint

At times, we need to encrypt app settings  of web config file that we use in code behind to keep information secured.

we can encrypt/decrypt settings by using  the ASP.NET IIS registration tool ( 78 more words

Command and extension examples for Visual Commander

Visual Commander is a freemium extension for Visual Studio 2012+ allowing you to automate repetitive tasks in the IDE.

v2.7 adds command and extension examples accessible from the main VCmd menu: … 56 more words

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