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How to create a Microsoft Outlook 2013

A few months ago, it was painful for every time I create an email copying data from database manually. So it was a good idea to get data from database and put it in MS Outlook 2013 email automatically. 58 more words


Changing Time Zone Settings Causes VS 2013 Build Failure

If you are monkeying around with your time zone settings with a Visual Studio project open, for some, inexplicable reason, the project may fail to build after changing the time zone. 47 more words


Annoying: Visual Studio 2010+ by default open XSD files in a Designer view

It is pretty easy to switch from the XSD Designer to the Code view: c# – Viewing XSD as code – Stack Overflow.

But I got a bit fed up of doing this each and every time after opening an XSD file in Visual Studio. 59 more words


Scaffolding - NuGet - MySql.Data.Entity - ASP.NET MVC 2 Camadas

Quando tiver um projeto e quiser gerar Scaffolding no ASP.NET MVC 5 em 2 camadas

Install-Package MySql.Data.Entity

E ele instalará todas as outras deprências necessárias para gerar o Scaffolding. 58 more words


Web Application Projects VS Web Site Projects

I have recently found a helpful text about the differences between Web Application Projects and Web Site Projects in Visual Studio. Click here to read!