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Features in C# 7.0

C# 7.0 adds a number of new features and brings a focus on data consumption, code simplification and performance. Perhaps the biggest features areĀ tuples… 319 more words


Why should I put my databases in source control?

Originally, I looked into database source control as a means of making sure that the database schema would always be available regardless of the catastrophe. I wanted to have a plan for the worst case scenario. 145 more words


How to fix mouse cursor disappearing in Visual Studio & Visual Studio Code

This is a problem I have come across each time I build a new virtual development machine with Visual Studio on it. The problem has been around for a few years now and I always have to search around for the steps to fix it each time it catches me. 168 more words

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Features in C# 6

A colleague of mine recently asked me if I could not list again the most important features from C# 6? Since I could not stand back I have summarized some points again for her and for you. 1,762 more words


SQL Server Schema Compare

A very common requirement which can be satisfied by various tools. Personally I like using Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition and I thought I would do a quick overview of it. 327 more words


Angular, .NET Core, and More

I took a new job this past November and was excited at the opportunity to get back into enterprise development. Enterprise development is something that I have found really enjoyable, because I’ve gotten to work with many different technologies ranging from the .NET Stack to 3rd party tools to API’s to databases of different kinds. 293 more words