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F#: Revisiting the Vending Machine Kata

I decided to revisit the Vending Machine code kata.
I flushed out the logic for this program via TDD.
I spent more time than I expected on the ‘return change’ feature of the vending machine. 834 more words

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Google Play Services on Marshmallow

When it comes to working on Android apps, I really feel like I am starting completely from scratch … or maybe even a bit less than that. 462 more words


Xamarin.Forms Interview Preparation (vol.2)

In this video, I prepare for an upcoming Xamarin.Forms interview.
My focus in this video is to leverage the DataTemplateSelector.

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Custom Extension XML in a BizTalk Map Caches Assemblies in Visual Studio

This is a “gotcha”, that I wasted a few hours on, so I thought to mention this on the internet.  When adding a method to a helper class, that was called in custom XSLT, I kept on getting the message that the method wasn’t available.   272 more words


Hi all,

I would like to explain how to create item templates to prevent code repetition in your projects. You know when you’re trying to add new item to your project, there are several item templates such as Class, Html Page, Javascript file etc.

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Installation .NET Framework 3.5 with Error code: 0x800F081F

Case Study
As developer I would like to install SQL Server 2008 R2 in Windows 10. It come out the error code 0x800F081F for installation .NET Framework 3.5… 81 more words

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