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My session on "Deploying dotnet core apps using docker containers" at dotnetConf.local Bengaluru

Bdotnet user group in association with Microsoft organized the dotnetConf local event  – which is an in person event of the virtual event dotnetConf in Bengaluru – today (Sep 24, 2016). 301 more words

Visual Studio

What’s with .NET nowadays?

I was a bit confused about the current state of .NET. So I put together this very simplified overview.

.NET Standard Library
The formal specification for .NET. 146 more words


Slides from my session "Roslyn – Produktivitätssteigernder Einsatz eines offenen Compilers" at the BASTA! 2016 Conference

Here are the slides from my talk about the Microsoft .NET Compiler Platform (Roslyn) and Visual Studio extensions at the BASTA! 2016 conference in Mainz. 54 more words


Learn F# for the masses

Anyone who reads my blog will have observed that I’ve not posted anything for several months now. In addition to my moving country and trying to build a… 340 more words

Angular 2

Finally, Angular 2 is released. In this post I am going to cover:

– Components
– Services with observables and promise
– Routing
– @NgModule… 753 more words


Visual Studio 2015

ไมโครซอฟท์ได้ปล่อย Visual Sttudio 2015 สำหรับนักพฒนาได้ใช้กันฟรีๆ โหลดได้ตามลิงค์นี้ครับ  Visual Sttudio 2015

แต่อาจจะสงสัยกันว่า Visual Studio Community , Visal Studio Team Services และ Visual Studio Code ต่างกันอย่างไร

-Visual Studio Community : ชุดโปรแกรม แบบ IDE และ Compiler สนับสนุนหลากหลายภาษา C#, C++,VB , ECT.  30 more words

SPList.GetItemById() and SPList.Items.GetItemById()

When using code to access a specific item in a SharePoint list there is a big difference between the following 2 lines of code:
SPList.GetItemById() 55 more words

Sharepoint 2010