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For the third part of this Getting started Xamarin with Prism series, I would like to discuss about using  Navigation in Xamarin forms. We will use our previous project from our… 677 more words


Pre and post build events in VS C# projects

When you’re doing build automation in TFS you could end up with a non working build because the developers added some non-standard / non-compatible pre or postbuild events to the solution. 252 more words


How to find when a line was last changed in Visual Studio - 080

Previously, I mentioned how to use Blame on GitHub.com to find the commit that changed a specific line. Today we’re going to rinse and repeat this scenario within Visual Studio. 649 more words

Git(Hub) Tip Of The Day 2017

C# - Designing Applications using Interface

We always hear the word Interface when we are creating Systems whether it be in Java or C# language. We all know that Interfaces are just… 1,072 more words


Angular2: Resolve TS5023 Build:Unknown compiler option 'typeRoots' and 'types' error in Visual Studio

I installed fresh copy of Visual Studio 2015 update 3 on my secondary machine and try to execute Angular2 project integrated with ASP.NET CORE and came across an issue… 74 more words


How to open a GitHub repo that does not contain a solution in Visual Studio 2017 - 079

In recent years, I started dabbling in ruby, node.js, electron, etc. As time passed, I (somehow) forgot the notion of a “solution” file. I know that sounds exaggerated or cra-cra coming from me, but hold on. 283 more words

Git(Hub) Tip Of The Day 2017