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Microsoft Rilis Emulator Untuk Uji Coba Aplikasi Android

Di tahun 2015 ini Microsoft telah meluncurkan IDE terbarunya, Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. Bisa dibilang IDE ini memberikan suatu hal baru yang menarik bagi para developer karena pasalnya dengan IDE ini developer dapat mengembangkan juga aplikasi berbasis Android. 188 more words


Top 12 Visual Studio short cuts – Productivity Tips

Visual Studio is very Rich IDE and it provides in-numerous features that makes our day to day life easy. There are some very useful hot keys and tips which can increase our productivity significantly. 260 more words

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How to Setup Unity 5.1.3 to Work with Visual Studio 2015

I recently started working on an Unity game again and I needed to configure the project structure. I wanted Visual Studio as my main environment since I’m used to the ReSharper goodness it offers and working in Unity is much slower, not to mention the clamped project structure (Assembly-CSharp-vs.proj) – there are many benefits to having many smaller projects. 414 more words


Learning more of Git source control, coming from TFS background

Learning more of git these days, as I’m helping with a side volunteer project online – Red Cross crisischeckin (for disaster relief and the management of helpers and other resources for each disaster. 366 more words

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The specified file could not be encrypted. {SOLVED}

The specified file could not be encrypted.

The solution turned out to be pretty simple:

1. Go to each file (or folder) giving you issues… 107 more words


Clean Architecture: Xamarin.Forms


Six weeks ago, I talked to Greg Leonardo about Miami’s lack of Windows platform opportunities and how I was afraid I would have to move to New York City to continue my passion as a WPF developer. 497 more words

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Disable mouse wheel zoom in Visual Studio

Today I’ve found a great extension for Visual Studio. I often hit the toggle that changes the mouse wheel from scrolling text to zooming text. For me that’s a really annoying interruption to my workflow and one of my Visual Studio pet peeve. 108 more words