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Git lesson: cherry-pick command (possible in VS2015)

How many of you have been used cherry-pick in Git?

Cherry picking in git means to choose a commit from one branch and apply it onto another. 34 more words


Introducing Visual Studio Mobile Center

Microsoft has recently launched ‘Visual Studio Mobile Center’ for the developer community.  The purpose is to help in building and managing mobile apps through a set of cloud services. 373 more words

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Setting up a CD pipeline for iOS applications with Mobile Center

Having a continuous delivery pipeline for your mobile applications is crucial if you want to allow your team to focus on building features and spend less time trying to package and distribute your applications. 1,535 more words


Visual Studio: C# Debugging is not working

Understanding symbol files and Visual Studio’s symbol settings

ImporterJanuary 5, 2015

Symbols are a fundamental requirement for debugging and other diagnostic tools. Fortunately in most cases when you are building and launching your application in Visual Studio you don’t have to think about symbols for your code. 2,105 more words

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DotNet SDK Version Issue after installing Visual Studio 2017

I recently install Visual Studio 2017 and when I opened an existing solution that contain a .NET core project in Visual Studio 2015 I received the following error message: 141 more words

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Publish Razor to GoDaddy via Visual Studio

You should be able to find a few discussion forums on Publish Razor to GoDaddy via Visual Studio 2013 if you Google the topic. In this post, I will attempt to summarise some essential potential issues that one might encounter: 396 more words


C# Singleton

There are a number of ways to implement the Singleton pattern, and most will work well. This is the easiest implementation I can think of, making use of the various language features and the .NET Framework. 211 more words