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If an image is worth one thousand words, one video is worth one thousand still images.

A video animation includes the power of images (visualization) and the power of storytelling. 293 more words


but if you come any closer

but if you come any closer
/ Jim Wittenberg
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Writerly Wednesday – What was I Thinking (or Not)?

Time for another Writerly Wednesday post. Here are the rules: Using this story prompt, write a flash fiction of NO MORE THAN 150 words. In those 150 words try to have a full story; a beginning, middle, and an end. 184 more words

Writerly Wednesday

Served Cold Shader Design and Implementation


From feedback received at our exhibition, players stated that they could not see the exact line they were on, so it made it hard to figure out where they were going to move. 803 more words

MS 2 Art: U1: Lesson 1

Pre-Assessment Task:

  1. Drawing of eye (30 min pencil line and shading)

Distribute & have Ss complete the Self-Assessment of the Pre-assessment Task sheet

  1. Visual Analysis (20mins)
  2. 165 more words

Frank Ocean- Endless Album Review

This Friday I got home after a late night, feeling exhausted and all I wanted to do was sleep. Right before I got into bed I got a text at 1 AM from my friend saying “Jason, it happened!” I knew what he meant and went onto Frank’s livestream to see that he had finally dropped that album I have been waiting years for. 806 more words


How Color as Visual Ergonomic Affects Our Appetite and Taste Perception?

People often misunderstood the capability of colors itself and treat it just as a mere cosmetics and ornament. Ergonomics has many factors and colors are included in those factors. 659 more words