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Just how much sugar is in soda - Shocking visual guide ,

Here I will show you exactly how much sugar is crammed into many of the common junk foods . Seeing it visually , like this , shocks most people and encourages them to change and commit to a healthier lifestyle . 301 more words


"I'm always on the run..."

“I’m always on the run, but I READ ANYWAY!”

Love how this running mama reads comicbooks and novels. Kudos for multiliteracies!


Seeing is Believing

Visualizing analytic trends has provided a novel way of describing observations in large data sets. While used often in the business world, graphic analysis has become an important tool for assessing player and team tendencies in basketball. 189 more words

Getting Heard...part 1

When communicating with someone remember the split 55% visual, 38% tone and 7% words.  Therefore if you want to get heard in a meeting, the first thing is to look strong and confident.  59 more words


All the same...

Again, like a never ending story, we see people reacting to an ad that seems not to portray the reality. Yes, they’re right. Most of the ads are saying the truth but it’s not showing the reality. 424 more words

Non Classé