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I think its safe to say that photographing our food has become quite a trend, not only at popular restaurants around Athens, but almost everywhere. Instagram is overflowing with posts about what friends are eating, making, or baking. 298 more words


Making multimedia project a personal one? Will do!

For our multimedia midterm project, I decided to do a follow-up on Krystian’s story that I’ve covered in the previous assignment – when I attempted to make the visual side of his personal webpage. 287 more words

New Direction

As per usual I’ve been working on a few different – but related – projects simultaneously for a while now and I’m going to attempt a coherent explanation of the multitude of things I’ve been up to since my last post. 302 more words


Visual Composition: The Oval Landscape

Hello, and welcome to a visual composition titled “The Oval”. This composition took place on top of “Schenley Oval”, not too far from the city of… 426 more words


"Somebody's got a case of the Mondays"

Well…no, not really, but I thought “Office Space” was hilarious.  Actually, I came across the website of one of my followers and I got lost in contemplation, which is quite large and intimidating without a road map.  90 more words


Ben F. Laposky

Ben F. Laposky is one of the very early computer art innovators. He had developed graphic images generated from an electronic (analogue) machine in 1950. 297 more words


Re/Lens Workshop - "It will be the past"

Experimental Short
Watch on vimeo for HD

Collaboration with Alejandro Jaramillo
Produced during one-day workshop by Union Docs / The New School

Poem by Patrick Phillips, recorded by Noah Smith for… 7 more words

The New School