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Assignment 5 - Developing and Critiquing Designs

Having completed my sketches I decided to mock up three basic versions of the design using the ladder image on the computer and in colour to get a better idea of which one might work best at A3 size. 665 more words

Active studying

I don´t know if “active studying” is actually an existing term, but it is the definitely the best learning technique. For me, active studying is something what makes all learning, amusing and exciting. 640 more words


Visualize the leaks

It’s almost impossible to walk past a spewing faucet without stopping and trying to turn it off. We can’t bear to see the waste.

But our organizations leak all the time. 55 more words


5 May 2017

Perception – Creation – Imagination – Memory

I think I am finally working my way through some of the perceptual-mechanical questions towards some bigger ones (and as we know there are some notoriously hard problems on this safari..). 331 more words

27 April 2017


It’s been a while since i put anything on here – I have been away with the serious businesses of puppetry and family, along with feeling further daunted by the volume of information I’ve been taking in. 467 more words

Camera is my sketchbook

Carlos Khu is one photographer who doesn’t stop at the usual process that an adept photographer would follow – visualizing , styling, clicking a great picture, then post production, leading to a beautiful product. 234 more words

Art Fetishes

Room by Room...

I have yet to move into my new rental, but I’ve already started daydreaming about how I’ll furnish it, room by room.

It’s going to be fantabulous, I know it! 545 more words

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