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Change Your Frequency Change Your Life

In My recent posts, I talked about the concept of parallel reality and how to shift to your preferred parallel reality.  If you haven’t already read those posts and want to,  following are the links. 709 more words


Visualising currency

You know the old say that money does not make you happy, and it is true. Money can help you buy things to make life more comfortable, but cannot buy emotions, nor memories, nor knowledge. 150 more words


Visualising Memory Processes

Following on from a recent post deconstructing the various meanings of the word ‘memory’ I’ve been thinking about a simple shorthand description of my area of interest for  209 more words

Body Of Work

Dreaming in Medieval Infrastructure

One of the ways that it’s difficult to experience the Medieval mindset is in placing ourselves in their environment. If you’re a city dweller like me, your experience of living, from walking down the street to shopping to visiting someone else’s house is immeasurably different from a Medieval person’s. 569 more words


Still makin' that list!

Hiya friends!

Yeah, I’m awkward at this – the “list”. I can’t just slap something on the page and exclaim “Let’s have at it!!” No. Mull and more mulling must happen. 359 more words

How to Stop Procrastinating. 

The most effective ways I stop Procrastinating or dreading a task is to either:

1. Don’t think just just do. This usually works with things like hanging out the washing or going to get a drink when you are thirsty but too comfortable or getting out of bed in the morning. 190 more words

Who else has Aphantasia? Probably not you!

I was standing in the field which surrounded the school I was working in with two of the fifteen year old girls I had been teaching. 1,202 more words