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Imagery of Warrior and Little Girl

I had an interesting “vision” (for lack of a better word) last night. The first half is safe for all readers. I have included religious triggers for the second half of the blog entry. 429 more words

Beth Moore

Can an Adult Create an Alter Part?

On my blog entry entitled How to Move Past Betrayal by a Mother Figure, a reader posted the following question:

Question: Are you able to create an alter part as an adult?

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Visualization: Creating a “Safe Place” in Your Head

On my blog entry entitled We are the Ones Who Heal Ourselves, a reader posted the following comment:

I met a girl last night. She told me she lives in a peach colored room that the others built for her to keep her safe because they love her.

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Power of Thoughts in Overcoming Child Abuse

Many child abuse survivors fail to appreciate the power of their thoughts. Our thoughts are what keep child abuse survivors in bondage long after the abuse ends, and our choice to change our thoughts can propel child abuse survivors out of despair and into hope. 373 more words

Child Abuse

Positive Coping Tools: Visualization

Visualization is a powerful healing tool that I do not see used nearly often enough. My intuition drew me toward using this tool: I do not recall reading about it anywhere. 427 more words

Childhood Abuse